Which City in Spain is the Cheapest to Fly Into?

Wondering which city in Spain is the cheapest to fly into? Head to major Spanish cities like Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia to spend less on plane tickets.

Spain is a paradise for travelers who are after unique experiences, thrilling outdoor activities, and mouth-watering feasts. In all of Europe, Spain is among the wallet-friendly destinations because of cheaper flights offered from the United States. Wondering which city in Spain is the cheapest to fly into? There are tons, and travelers can save more money with cheaper accommodation, food, and tours.

Unlike other European countries like Switzerland, France, and Iceland, Spain is relatively cheaper, not to mention, worth the visit. The land of sunbaked beaches, crowd-gaping palaces, flamenco bars, and glorious paella, Spain remains unquestionably a top-rated destination in the world. It is safe, has excellent public transportation, and visiting for a holiday is truly a delight.

The gateway to the land of picadores is Madrid, but there are other cities that travelers can land onto. From the coastal city of Barcelona to the southern Baroque city of Málaga, the flights are relatively inexpensive, especially during the lean season.

When to go to Spain?

Before booking a flight, travelers need to understand that there are no cheap flights during peak season or summer months. Between June to August, the crowd is insane, and prices of plane tickets are higher than the normal rate.

Not only flights are expensive, as hotel rates surprisingly increase during hot months in Spain. The best time to visit is between March to May, which is spring season, or September to October. The weather is pleasant, the crowd is low, and travelers get to enjoy tourist spots more.

Spring is also a good season to catch the biggest festivals in the country. From Las Fallas arts and culture festival, Semana Santa in Málaga, and Battle of the Flowers in Córdoba, there’s almost an endless feast to follow travelers around Spain during this season.

Which City in Spain is the Cheapest to Fly Into?

Plaza Mayor
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The sprawling, capital city of Spain, Madrid, is undeniably the cheapest entry point. Flights to Adolfo Suarez-Barajas Airport can come at $900 for a roundtrip ticket. This estimation can be lower, depending on the time of the year, airline, duration of the flight, and class of travel.

Landing in Madrid is a good thing because this is where you can find transfers to distant provinces and regions. Additionally, there are a lot of places to see in Madrid, not limited to the historic Plaza Mayor, Royal Palace, and Museo del Prado.

To score a cheap flight, booking in advance is key. The flight price may increase if travelers delay the booking until a week before the intended travel date. It is recommended to book 121 to 21 days prior to the departure date, or what is known as Prime Booking Window. During this time, plane tickets are at an attractive price, lower than the normal rate.

To answer the question, which city in Spain is the cheapest to fly into, Madrid is definitely the best contender, but there are other entry points to consider. During hot months, never land on Barcelona and other coastal cities as plane ticket prices are insanely expensive.

Other Cheap Entry Points to Spain

Madrid isn’t the only entry point to Spain, as there are other international airports across the country. Out of the 59 airports in Spain, there are 26 airports that welcome foreign nationals from different parts of the world. Some of the major airports to land on include Barcelona, Málaga, Valencia, Seville, and Bilbao Airports.

Valencia Spain
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Also known as the Manises Airport, it is the main entry point on the southeastern coast. It is the tenth-busiest Spanish airport in terms of the number of passengers. Flying to Valencia from the United States is also economical, approximately $1,017 for a roundtrip ticket, during Fall. The rate increases during peak season, surpassing $1,300 or more, depending on the airline.

Valencia is neatly tucked on the edge of Costa del Azahar, showcasing a fabulous view of the Mediterranean Sea and the sun-kissed islands of Playa de Malvarrosa and El Saler. It is one of the tourist spots for an authentic paella, UNESCO-attested landmarks, and the eye-catching City of Arts and Sciences.

Today, when tourists ask which city in Spain is the cheapest to fly into, locals wouldn’t fail to mention Valencia. Aside from cheap, direct flights, the hotel rates are also attractive for solo and group travelers.

Which City in Spain is the Cheapest to Fly Into? Malaga Spain
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Another moderately cheap option for travelers visiting Spain from the United States is the beautiful port city of Málaga. The average price tag for a roundtrip flight is sitting around $1,005, which is not bad at all.

The city houses the historic landmarks in the country, showcasing the medieval fortress of Alcazaba, clear waters of Costa del Sol, and the iconic Picasso Museum. The highlight of Málaga is definitely the Gothic-Baroque buildings lining up the skyline. The Moorish quarters and ruins also give way for tourists who are discovering the old town in Málaga.

The hotel rates in this region are also cheaper at $59 to $200 per night, with free breakfast. Popular accommodation includes Residencia Universitaria San José, Málaga Centro Ciudad, and Gran Hotel Marimar.

Sagrada Familia Cathedral Spain
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The El Prat Airport in Barcelona is also a cheap entryway to Spain, lying approximately 13 kilometers from the city center. Nestled between the municipalities of El Prat de Llobregat, Viladecans, and Sant Boi, this airport welcomes millions of tourists yearly.

Although Barcelona is far from the capital city, Madrid, it is the most visited destination in the whole of Spain. According to Hopper, around 1.6 million people are searching for flights to Barcelona every month. Direct flights to this city cost around $977 roundtrip, from the United States. No wonder why Barcelona always pops up when travelers ask which city in Spain is the cheapest to fly into.

The famous La Sagrada Familia, Casa Milà, other Gaudí buildings, and the Catalan Museum of Art are responsible for the plunge of tourists. In addition to these historic landmarks, the city also has amazing sea views that serve as cherries on top. There are many rooftop bars in Barcelona that give travelers a scenic view of the ocean.

Plaza De España Seville Spain
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The Aeropuerto de Sevilla or Seville Airport is the sixth busiest inland airport in Spain, servicing Western Andalucia and neighboring provinces. It is also a recommended entry point to Spain for travelers who are on a tight budget. Airlines like Iberia, Delta, and Air France fly directly to Seville from the United States.

Travelers can book flights as cheap as $800 to Seville, economy class, and reach the Spanish border within 10 hours to 16 hours. The region, famous for the top-rated flamenco performances, gathers millions of tourists yearly. Other famous sites include the Alcázar, Plaza de España, and La Giralda.

Guggenheim Museum and Puente de La Salve in Bilbao,
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The final resort to fly economically to Spain is booking a flight to Bilbao. A roundtrip flight to this region from the United States costs $1,045. The largest city in the Basque Country is famous for the industrial heritage ruins and the vintage district.

Art enthusiasts love Bilbao for many reasons, including the sprawling museums dotted across the city. Iconic Goya artworks are housed in the Museum of Fine Art, along with El Greco, Alselm Kiefer, Gerhard Richter, and Jeff Koons. The star of the city is probably the Guggenheim Museum. This mind-boggling building holds the precious works of Spanish painters and sculptors.

For travelers who are wondering which city in Spain is the cheapest to fly into, Bilbao is definitely on the list. Also, it isn’t far from the capital city Madrid, which makes it a convenient entry point minus the hefty price tag of plane tickets.

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