Top 10 BEST Things to do in Spain for Solo Travelers

Discover the top 10 best things to do in Spain for solo travelers. Visit the iconic landmarks, restaurants, heritage sites, and explore the countryside.

Spain is one of the safest countries to visit for solo travelers. The big, vibrant cities, mesmerizing culture, and efficient public transportation surely make the journey memorable and budget-friendly for tourists without companions. There’s always something new to discover and definitely hundreds of best things to do in Spain.

The rise of solo travelers opened up Spain for a great hostel culture and themed tours. While exploring the country, there’s a myriad of things to entertain visitors, including annual festivals, nature sightseeing, made-to-order meals, and more.

Aside from the vast metropolis, the Spain backpacking experience won’t be complete without visiting the stunningly rugged provinces. The craggy mountains, powdery beaches, hundred-year-old palaces, and well-tucked heritage sites are a must-see in Spain.

Discover the best picks for solo travelers visiting Spain. Immerse in cultural activities with a camera as a companion and wander through medieval landmarks for some time.

Where to Stay

Accommodation is one of the first things to consider when traveling overseas. For solo travelers, finding a cheap hostel is a priority to stretch the budget for more activities. In major cities like Madrid and Barcelona, travelers can find boutique hostels and apartment sharing accommodation.

Places like The Hat Madrid, Motion Hostels, and Petit Hostel are strategically located in the city center. From Barajas Airport, these hostels are easy to find and accessible via public transportation like city buses.

Most accommodation also offers bed and breakfast for a single price, allowing tourists to get better savings. The facilities are shared, so tourists can meet new people coming from different parts of the world.

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Getting Around

The major cities are well-connected by rail and buses. When going out of the central capital Madrid, tourists can take long-distance trains or book an overnight bus to reach the destination.

In addition to these land transfers, travelers can also opt for ferries and air travel to save time. While these aren’t cheap, comfort isn’t sacrificed, and time is spent wisely.

Best Things to do in Spain

Classic backpacker destinations are big cities, but solo travelers can always visit the northern and southern regions to witness excellent skiing and hiking locations and underrated provinces. There’s more to Spain aside from the bustling nightlife in Madrid, jam-packed museums, and royal churches.

The top things to do in Spain include hot air balloon rides, joining a group tour to Barcelona vineyards, and more.

Top 10 BEST Things to do in Spain

Wines in Spain is one of the best things to do in Spain
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1. Wine Tasting in Barcelona

Devour glasses of wine infamous Barcelona vineyards. There are guided tours focused on visiting rolling green hills in the countryside and wine tasting. Barcelona is known for its wine tourism because of its excellent red wines. Head to the Penedès region to taste classic Spanish grape varieties such as Monastrell and Garnacha.

Tour companies like Barcelona Slow Travel provide customized, group wine tours perfect for solo travelers. The day trip consists of vineyard visits in Catalan and Penedès region. The travel time from the capital to Barcelona is approximately six hours via private car or less than three hours via high-speed train.

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 Flamenco Performance in Seville
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2. Catch a Flamenco Performance in Seville

Flamenco acts and performances are all over Spain, but Seville definitely hits the sweet spot for authentic acoustic music and dance. The Seville flamenco scene is colorful and lively, with higher quality ambiance and viewing experience. The shows never disappoint because of the fabulous dancers, rhythmic music, and lively production—definitely among the top things to see in Spain.

Catch flamenco shows at Seville’s long stretch of bars in Calle Rodo, Calle de María, Calle Alvarez Quintero, and Calle Cuna. For above-average production and performances, head to El Arenal in Calle Rodo. Visit Sala Alvarez Quintero for a mix of good and budget-friendly flamenco shows.

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Spain cuisine tapas
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3. Go on a Tapa Crawl

Spain’s culinary scene is one of the finest in the world and is considered the gateway to the Spanish culture. Aside from paella, another food considered as an aperitif is tapa. The dish can come in a variety of meat, fish, and vegetable fillings, complete with silkier sauce and signature Spanish cheese.

Solo travelers can go on a tapa crawl in Madrid and visit popular restaurants serving the classic appetizer. Some of the popular tapas include Tortilla de patatas, Salmorejo Cordobés, Bravas, Ensaladilla Rusa, and Calamares a la Romana.

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 Girona Cathedral
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4. Visit the Film Locations of Game of Thrones

The real-life kingdom of Westeros from the Game of Thrones show can be found in Spain. The lunar landscapes, wide plains, and intricate Moorish palaces were showcased in the show, prompting fans around the world to visit Spain’s provinces like Seville and the region of Catalonia.

The capital of Westeros, the King’s Landing can be found in Catalonia, particularly at Girona Cathedral. The iconic stairway leading to the church was featured in the show. Other film locations were done at secluded locations like Castillo de Zafra, a stunning fortress in Guadalajara.

El Botin
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5. Dine at World’s Oldest Restaurant

Botín holds the Guinness World Record for being the oldest restaurant in the world, which was established in 1725. Although it is a tourist-trap location, it is never a mistake to dine and try its signature dish Cochinillo or suckling pig, stuffed with aromatics, and bathed with white wine.

The restaurant is the hallmark of Castilian cuisine and holds centuries-worth of memories, which dates back to 1590. Even locals cherished Botin because of the mouth-watering specialties and its rich history. Solo travelers can dine with newly found acquaintances at Botin and share a colorful spread of Spanish dishes. This is one of the must do in Spain.

Mercado Central
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6. Taste Local Produce at Mercado Central

Speaking of Spanish food, solo travelers can explore Mercado Central—one of the biggest public markets in Spain, offering a wide array of local produce. From fruits, meat, bread, cold cuts, and seafood, every raw and cooked food can be found here.

Located in Valencia, the market is a tourist magnet because of its impressive architecture and vibrant food aisles. It is huge, and aisles are full of Spanish produce that can only be found here. The central market is just across Llotja de la Seda, a late Valencian Gothic building.

Most tourists come to the Mercado Central after touring Llotja de la Seda. There are also souvenirs available in the market like crafts, kitchen tools, and frozen food.

Hot Air Balloon in Madrid spain

7. Ride a Hot Air Balloon

When in Barcelona, hot air balloon rides should be part of the itinerary. The two-hour ride above the sky is not only fun but also memorable. The marvelous landmarks can be seen from above, which consists of beautiful landmarks and the scenic Barcelona city.

There are a number of tours available, which usually come with breakfast and some cava. The tour price varies from the organizer, and the type of tour, whether private or shared flight. All participants need to be in proper attire to enjoy the activity.

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Barrio de Las Letras, Madrid
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8. Sign Up for a Guided Tour at Barrio de Las Letras

Barrio de Las Letras is a popular neighborhood in Madrid, which housed Spanish writers such as Miguel Cervantes and José Echegaray. It is an artistic neighborhood that now sports a number of quaint bookstores, cafes, and impressive bars. Las Letras is famous among travelers because of the Instagrammable spots and trendy boutiques.

Running out of the best things to do in Spain? There are free, guided tours that unfold the early lives of literary figures and Madrid’s rich history. The houses of writers now serve as a museum that showcases their work and way of living.

Solo travelers can enjoy the tour and meet new people or groups. If going solo, there are a number of alley shops to discover, such as Fast Cool Co., Modernario, La Integral, Franjul, and others.

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Platja Fonda
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9. Escape to a Hidden Beach in Barcelona

Allot a day or two to visit some of the hidden beaches near Barcelona. Relax under the clear, bright sky, with scenic views of the pine forests and crystal-clear waters. The city of Barcelona has multiple attractions, not limited to medieval landmarks and fortresses. There are a number of hidden beaches that will make the trip truly memorable.

Solo travelers can visit the best coves near Barcelona on a day trip. Some of the hidden beaches are Platja Fonda, Cala Estreta, Cala Futadera, and the golden sand at Platja de Sant Simó.

El Tajo Canyon Ronda
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10. Take a Trail to Ronda

Some of the best hiking trails are located in Ronda, Andalusia. These trails are perfect for adventure seekers, and those want to witness the dramatic sunrise and sunset in Spain. Some of the lovely trails to include in the itinerary are Tajo Del Abanico, Ronda’s Arab Baths at Barrio San Francisco, and El Tajo Canyon.

The things to do in Spain are not only limited to visiting the metropolis but also crossing the rolling hills to see the panoramic views of the countryside.

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