Top 8 BEST Supermarkets in Spain

Like every other country in the world, you can find a range of supermarkets in Spain. Some are cheap, some aren’t!

Supermarkets are no longer fancy. They are a necessity. Take then out of the equation, and almost immediately, you face a question – ‘where will I get that?’

You get the scenario, right? Be it your favorite horseradish sauce or your favorite Darjeeling tea from India, and supermarkets usually have you covered.

Spain has its fair share of supermarkets too! If you are about to travel to Spain, take a print of this list of supermarkets in Spain. It can come handy in the oddest of times!

Top 8 BEST Supermarkets in Spain

Mercadona Supermarket

You can find this supermarket in Spain everywhere! It started in 1977 as a family-owned butcher business, and today, it has grown into a brand that everyone in Spain knows! Employing over 70,000 people, it is still a family-owned business.

Apart from selling its brand named Hacienda, Mercadona is also known for selling premium brands. If you are wondering whether they sell products from all brands or not, the simple answer is, NO! They will put things up on their shelves for a trial period, and if a brand doesn’t perform well, they will simply not sell it!

Mercadona sells pre-packed meats and a butcher segment with a limited meat selection for the meat-lovers. They also have a fresh fish department. Almost everything that you need for your daily use, you can find it here.

Eroski Supermarket
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Eroski Supermarket

Yet another famous Spanish supermarket chain, the Eroski, operates nearly 1,000 outlets all across the country. What’s interesting about Eroski is that the outlets vary in size significantly. For instance, they have large hypermarkets that go by the name ‘Eroski,’ and then they have smaller ‘Eroski Center’ stores!

Just like Mercadona, they offer everything you need for your daily life. They also have an awesome selection of fresh fish and fresh meat.


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Lidl Supermarket

Lidl is a supermarket chain with German origins. Lidl started as a discount store in Germany in the year 1973. Today it can be found all across Europe with over 10,500 stores spread across various countries.

Lidl employs well over 400,000 people across Europe. Lidl opened its first store in Spain in 1994, and today, it has grown to a chain of 550+ stores throughout Spain.

Lidl is a no-frills supermarket. It sells everything from locally produced stuff to products from renowned brands from across the world (not just Europe). One striking thing, however, is that Lidl does have an inclination towards British-styled goods.’


DIA is a Spanish supermarket chain. Yes, it originated in Spain. Did you know that DIA is an acronym? It stands for Distribuidora Internacional de Alimentación (International Food Distributors).

DIA opened its first store in 1979 in Madrid, and by 1992, the company had over 1,000 stores spread throughout Spain. DIA managed to do this through several acquisitions.

DIA started expanding in Europe, starting from Portugal and then Greece. In 1997, the company expanded to a non-European country. That country was Argentina.

A merger between Carrefour and DIA took place by 2000, but DIA continued to operate under the original name. As of today, DIA operates 6,100 stores in Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Argentina, and China. Of these, 3,474 are present in Spain!

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Supercor Supermarket

Yet another famous supermarket chain operating in Spain is the Supercor. The chain belongs to the El Corte Inglés group of companies. Unfortunately, this supermarket chain operates only 90 stores across Spain, making it slightly difficult to find one in less popular places.

The best part of Supercor, however, is that the stores are really big and offer a greater variety of products. Whether you are looking for meat, fish, perfume, grocery, household items, photography, gardening, clothing, or stationery, Supercor has everything!

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Alcampo is Spain’s second-biggest hypermarket chain. A part of Groupe Auchan SA, Alcampo started its operations in 1981 and built the first hypermarket in Utebo, Zaragoza.

This supermarket or rather the hypermarket chain has a foothold in almost all cities in Spain. Shopping for groceries at Alcampo is quite cheap and sometimes cheaper than Mecadona stores. As a matter of fact, OCU or Organisation of Consumers found that grocery shopping at Alcampo is the cheapest in 31 Spanish cities.

So, next time you head out for grocery shopping, keep Alcampo in mind. It can save you some money!


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Aldi Supermarket

Aldi is a discount supermarket chain that was founded in Germany by two men – Karl Albrecht and Theo Albrecht. Aldi started its operations in Germany in 1946, and today, it has a global presence. It operates in 20 countries, including Spain (of course), with a massive chain of 10,000 stores.

Aldi started its operations in Spain in 2002, and today, there are 290 Aldi stores spread across the country.

There are two interesting things about Aldi. The name Aldi is derived from the first two letters of the last name of the founders and the first to letters of the word ‘discount.’ So, Al comes from Albrecht, and di comes from the word discount!

Another interesting and yet weird fact is that most Aldi stores are in close proximity to Lidl stores!

Carrefour Supermarket
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Carrefour Supermarket

When it comes to supermarkets in Spain, the name Carrefour cannot be ignored. This isn’t a true Spanish supermarket chain because it did not start in Spain. Carrefour is a French supermarket multi-retailer whose second-largest market in Spain.

Carrefour started operations in 1973 and operates 200 hypermarkets, 131 supermarkets, 593 convenience stores, and 114 cash and carry outlets across Spain.

Carrefour stores sell their brands, ‘Carrefour’ and ‘Carrefour Basic’, apart from other international and local brands. Carrefour is not the cheapest option in Spain, but you are likely to encounter one of the Carrefour stores anywhere in Spain!


So, which one of these is your favorite Spanish supermarket? Have you ever shopped in any during your trip to Spain? Let us know in the comments box!

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