Top 10 Ultimate Spain Vacation Spots to Visit

Take a tour of the Spain vacation spots that offer impressive sights, tourist attractions, and historic culture. Visit the underrated, beautiful cities, and provinces.

With a world full of magnificent destinations, Spain stands out for its historical landmarks, vibrant festivals, and impressive culture. It is one of the most famous travel destinations because of the beautiful Spain vacation spots dotted across the country. It offers a perfect mix of laid-back travel and adventure.

More than the medieval fortresses, Spain’s eccentric, sunny villages, buzzing metropolitan cities, and well-tucked countryside gems make it a top destination for travelers. The famous spots in Madrid and Barcelona are crammed with tourists, but there are more places that aren’t tourist magnets.

When visiting Spain, travelers shouldn’t miss the incredible Roman ruins, Muslim quarters, Gaudí buildings, and the mind-blowing museums. With good, sunny weather and decadent Spanish cuisine, the trip is surely one for the books.

There are also underrated countryside destinations that offer thrilling activities like hot air balloon rides, kayaking, and nature hiking. Add to that the enchanting flamenco performances that never fail to disappoint.

Discover Spain vacation ideas and visit the most rated destinations.

Top 10 Ultimate Spain Vacation Spots to Visit

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1. Grazalema

The picturesque village called Grazalema is perfect for laid-back holiday trips because of the magnificent mountain views, rural charisma, and local gastronomy. The famous White Village is hard to miss because it is the highlight of the village. Walk around the cobbled streets and witness the whitewashed houses with windows covered in colorful flowers.

The lively village of Grazalema welcomes an influx of visitors due to the 17th century Calle Mateos square and Plaza de España. It is also home to striking mountain views and Egyptian vultures, which makes it a popular destination for experienced hikers.

The El Pinsapar or Spanish Fir is a famous route for nature lovers. The views leave travelers in awe, witnessing the Spanish fir tree forest and the extremely high stone canon.

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La Concha Beach, San Sebastian
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2. San Sebastian

The well-loved seaside city San Sebastian is one of the best places to vacation in Spain. Brimming with historic buildings, outstanding culinary establishments, and cultural festivals, this place definitely hits the sweet spot.

San Sebastian is the capital of the Gipuzkoa province, strategically located on the Northern side of Spain. It is popular among locals for the beautiful beaches like Playa de la Concha, and the surf spot at Playa de la Zurriola.

Aside from the sea, which makes San Sebastian a beautiful city, is the fantastic lofty hills views. Monte Urgell and Mount Igueldo’s viewpoints mesmerize tourists and offer a number of outdoor activities like funicular rides and hiking.

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La Gomera Canary Islands Spain
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3. Canary Islands

It is in Spain where travelers can find some of the most stunning islands in Europe. The southern Canary Islands is popular for the Teide Volcano and the Maspalomas Dunes, where the sun, sea, and rocky peaks meet. Boasting powdery sands and azure-blue waters, this is a favorite destination of travelers.

The dramatic scene of mountain ranges and untouched landscapes make the Canary Islands a magical place. Comprising several canyons and little towns, this place offers an incredible nature expedition that sets it apart from the Balearic Islands.

In exploring the island, travelers can visit soaring hills at La Gomera Island, the striking views of Roque Agando, and green ravines at Hermigua. The fun doesn’t end here as there are more places to discover like Candeleria Chapel Frontera, Mirador de la Peña, home to the best sunset, and the town of Terror.

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4. Cantabria

Popularly known as Green Spain, the lovely northern region called Cantabria is an underrated gem. The jaw-dropping mountain ranges, perched on top of the sea, make it one of Spain’s most picturesque destinations.

Cantabria is full of historic attractions, most importantly, the natural landscapes and deep caves. It is home to one of the finest examples of Paleolithic art, featuring prehistoric parietal cave art. The cave of Altamira showcases the unique art of the ancient locals, using charcoal and bare hands.

The fishing ports and snowy peaks also delight travelers from around the globe. Cantabria is one of the best vacation destinations in Spain because of the tranquil scenery, prehistoric cave art, and the gorgeous mountain views.

Mérida spain
Image by António Cascalheira from Pixabay

5. Mérida

The home to ancient Roman monuments and columns, Mérida is the heart of the Silver Route. Located in the province of Badajoz, this city is known for the well-preserved 1st-century Roman colony. Because of the cultural significance of the ruins, the city was recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

One of the places to visit include the Monfragüe National Park, which houses rare birds and a great example of Mediterranean forest. The 8 B.C. amphitheater is also a tourist magnet, showcasing an oval-shape dome with a seating capacity of 15,000.

The trip to this city wouldn’t be complete without the authentic Extremaduran cuisine. The Iberian hams are sold like pancakes, alongside Italian specialties like calzones, pasta dishes, and baked pizzas.

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6. Zarautz

Spain vacation spots like Zarautz may not be as popular as Madrid or Barcelona, but it is definitely a must-visit. The coastal town located in central Gipuzkoa is home to the longest beach in the Basque Country. It is famous for surfers, sea-lovers, and people who want to enjoy a cool breeze by the beach.

Zarautz is also home to Txakoli vineyards, green landscapes offering the best views of the town, and traditional Basque food. Since the 19th century, this destination has been attracting visitors because of Queen Isabella II of Spain. The Queen chose Zarautz as her summer getaway destination.

The town transitioned to a commercial hub soon after, offering lodging, food, and tour services. In the late 1990s, the locals opened apartment buildings and hotels to accommodate the flock of tourists.

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 Garden of the Costa del Sol Estepona
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7. Estepona

The palm-lined promenade that boasts Andalusian charm is a resort town of Estepona. A popular holiday destination, this town lies at the foot of the Sierra Bermeja mountains, facing the Mediterranean sea. Originally a fishing village, the Garden of the Costa del Sol is now a modern, seaside town, comprising quaint shops, resorts, and leisure marina.

Approximately 90 kilometers from Malaga, this town preserves the Spanish fishing village, which stands tall intact until today. The main town square, Plaza de las Flores is a tourism interest, with tapas bars surrounding the public space.

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Peñíscola Spain
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8. Peñíscola

The coastal town of Peñíscola offers some of the best laid-back holidays because of the stunning cliffs, beaches, enormous rock formations, tranquil local vibe, and striking historic castle. It appears magically, like a straight cut from a magazine’s fold.

Bathed by the Mediterranean waters, Peñíscola is among the best Spain vacation spots because of the glorious Templar castle nestled on a high rock, and the intact Catalonian culture. The Peñíscola castle lit up at night, offering an almost magical view in town.

It is the best place for sightseeing and nature expeditions, hiking the mountain ranges nearby. The perfect time to visit this town is during the commemoration of Virgen de la Ermitana in September.

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Spots Cartagena Spain
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9. Cartagena

The Roman powerhouse located in the region of Murcia is a major naval station called Cartagena. Because of its excellent archaeological value, the place is considered the second-most important city in Murcia.

A protected port in the Western Mediterranean sea, Cartagena is home to the Roman heritage, which traces back to 220 BC. In fact, present-day culinary wealth highlights Roman cuisine and specialty called Cacalao con tomate or cod and tomato dish.

Aside from the beautiful seaport, the city is also famous for its historic landmarks like Punic Wall Interpretation Center, Casa de la Fortuna, Conception Hill, and the Naval Museum.

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Plaza Mayor
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10. Madrid

Taking a trip to Spain isn’t complete without visiting the capital city, Madrid. One of Europe’s most colorful cosmopolitan cities, Madrid, offers a lot of sights to travelers, from historic quarters, multicultural neighborhoods, and a number of art galleries.

Spend the day visiting iconic landmarks like Plaza Mayor, Royal Palace of Madrid, Almudena Cathedral, and more. Madrid is considered one of the popular Spain vacation spots because of its incredible sights, best tapas bars, and Baroque palaces.

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