Top 10 BEST Spain Tourist Places to Include on Your Bucket List

An insider’s guide to Spain tourist places and top-rated countryside destinations. Visit and learn about the famous attractions in Madrid, Andalucía, Bilbao, and Tenerife Island.

Spain‘s centuries-old landmarks, world-famous museums, and unmatched shorelines bring a steady flow of tourists yearly. The country, comprising 17 autonomous regions, is a popular destination in Europe because of its breathtaking beauty, rich culture, and a number of cultural heritage sites that are unique in the world. Travelers never run out of Spain tourist places to visit because every region has its hidden treasures.

From sun-drenched beaches, rolling green hills, well-preserved ancient villages, and vibrant metropolis, Spain sets the bar too high for travelers. Activities to do and places to visit seem endless, from the verdant region of Galicia to the southern gastronomic region of Andalusia.

In exploring the country, tourists get to discover the underrated destinations and the most-talked-about Spain tourist spots. The world-famous Gaudí cathedral, Muslim quarters and mosques, and historic palaces are only touristy places to visit.

Prepare to witness the unspoiled and prestigious destinations in Spain. Include these top ten tourist destinations on your bucket list.

Top 10 BEST Spain Tourist Places to Include on Your Bucket List

La Rioja Vineyards
Image by Pradillacarlos from Pixabay

1. La Rioja

Taste the finest local wines in the remote region of La Rioja. This northern province in Spain is known for the long stretch of vineyards that open doors to tourists for a planned wine tour. The region became famous for the wine brand Denominación de Origen Calificada Rioja, which is harvested and made here.

More than the world-class vineyards, La Rioja is also known for the Cathedral of Santo Domingo de la Calzada, and the UNESCO World Heritage Suso y Yuso monasteries. These landmarks showcase magnificent Baroque architecture, semi-circular arch, and ogival vaulted ceiling.

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Guggenheim Museum Bilbao
Image by Finn Bjurvoll Hansen from Pixabay

2. Guggenheim Museum Bilbao

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao is one of the most stunning attractions in the Basque Country, showcasing the curvy titanium-clad building. Nestled alongside the Nervion River, this museum houses the rare art collection and pieces of Spanish and international artists.

The sight of the Guggenheim Museum is memorable and unique, depicting modern and contemporary architecture. The spectacular fusion of titanium, glass, and limestone makes it eye candy on the river’s bank.

This museum easily tops the most famous Spain sightseeing landmarks, next to the La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Although Bilbao is far north from the capital city Madrid, tourists come here just to visit this iconic museum.

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El Teide Volcano
Image by M W from Pixabay

3. El Teide Volcano

Visiting Tenerife isn’t all about the powdery sand and azure-blue waters of the island, but also about the voluminous El Teide Volcano. The striking volcanic landscape is a head stopper, a favorite sight of hikers coming from different parts of the globe.

The gateway to this amazing view is Teide National Park, where visitors can do a lot of activities, including hiking, paragliding, and more. Mount Teide is an active volcano. However, it hasn’t erupted since 1909. The whole area is filled with lava rocks, streams, and ash beds, which make the area appear rugged yet one-of-a-kind.

To take a closer look at the great views of the volcano, tourists can take a cable car leading to the summit. Hiking is the only way to get to the crater, which takes around forty minutes.

Oceanogràfic in Valencia’s City of Arts and Science
via Wikimedia Commons| Maribelle71

4. Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias (City of Arts and Science)

The ultra-modern scientific and cultural complex Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias is one of the best Spain tourist places to visit. Located in Valencia, this interactive museum is among the 12 Treasures of Spain today. This jewel of a modern structure is a theatre and planetarium, using a large IMAX dome, 3D digital cinema, and digital projections.

Various films are shown to the public, mostly documentaries on varying topics like nature, science, cultures, and astronomy. The best part is the viewing experience, thanks to the massive concave screen spanning 900 meters are placed on the viewer’s head.

This manmade museum is situated at the riverbed of Turia, which was turned into a picturesque sunken park. Aside from the interactive functions of the museum, tourists visit the City of Arts and Sciences to see its magnificent structure.

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Andalucía White Towns
via |PixelAnarchy

5. Andalucía White Towns

The dazzling white town of Andalucía never fails to amaze visitors. With a similar concept to Santorini, Greece, this whitewashed village, locally known as Pueblos Blancos, is one of Spain’s points of interest. Located on the foothills of Sierra del Jaral, these houses provide an incredible view of Southern Spain.

The white houses lined up one after another, forming a small village at the foot of the hills. Most of the time, visitors come here just to see the Sierra del Jaral, and also to check out well-tucked local boutiques around the villages.

The narrow streets are all in white paint, and the road is made of cobblestone. The highlight of the trip to the white towns is probably the Ronda Bridge View Point, where visitors can witness the Roman-style arch bridge.

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La Rambla, Barcelona, Spain
via Flickr|dconvertini

6. La Rambla

Although La Rambla is just a central street in Barcelona, tourists come here for a number of reasons. The Parisienne vibe, living statues, flower stands, and other attractions make it an iconic street. Additionally, poets speak highly of La Rambla as a ‘street that writers wished to never end.’

Stretching from the city’s main square to the sea, this 1.2-kilometer street is a tourist magnet and a favorite of locals. It never fails to amuse tourists because there are a number of sights, including the Centre d’Art Santa Monica gallery and the La Boqueria market.

The famous street is also a tourist magnet for the best tapas restaurants. Amble down the famous street and taste the finest tapas Barcelona has to offer.

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Cathedral de Santiago Compostela Spain
via Flickr|Jose Luis Cernadas Iglesias

7. Santiago De Compostela

Spain sightseeing wouldn’t be complete without the visit to the Santiago De Compostela. The historic quarter is the symbol of Spanish Christians’ struggle against Muslims in the 8th century, One of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Spain. This tourist spot boasts Gothic architecture, impressive churches, and quaint cobbled alleys.

Besides the ancient architecture, the Santiago De Compostela is also popular because Apostle James’ remains were buried here. People come here to make the spiritual pilgrimage and receive special graces, as declared by Pope Calixtus II.

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Royal Palace, Madrid

8. The Royal Palace Madrid (Palacio Real de Madrid)

Madrid is dotted with the most impressive royal palaces in Europe. The Royal Palace, to be exact, showcases 2,000 luxuriously decorated rooms and is used only for state ceremonies. About 50 rooms are open to public viewing, along with Plaza de Oriente, monasteries, and convents.

This palace is among Spain’s points of interest because of its rich history and breathtaking architecture and design. This is where tourists can discover the Royal Family, their interests, hobbies, and vast art collection.

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Girona Old Town
via Wikimedia Commons|xlibber

9. Girona Old Town

The well-preserved Arab town of Girona walks tourists to the historical past, with porched streets, Gothic buildings, and Baroque monuments. This tourist attraction gathers millions of visitors around the world, highlighting narrow winding streets, Arab baths, and medieval walls.

This huge, old town remained intact despite more than 500 years of existence. Tourists can witness the Eiffel Bridge, Girona Cathedral, and Plaça Independencia. Game of Thrones fans can also enjoy the tour as the Cathedral was one of the television show’s film locations.

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Ribes de Freser Pyrenees
via Wikimedia Commons|Àlex

10. Pyrenees

For tourists who are fond of nature, visiting the Spanish Pyrenees of Catalonia is a great destination. It is a peaceful rural countryside with a network of hiking trails, cycling paths, and a hideout of mountains.

The region offers a number of outdoor activities, from hot air balloon rides, waterfalls, hiking within La Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park, Ribes de Freser, and Vall de Núria.

The Pyrenees is one of Spain’s tourist places because of its diversity and historic significance. Guided trips to the Pyrenees also involve a visit to the historic monastery in Ripoll, Mosoll, Apl, and Les Pereres. The highlight of the trip is tasting authentic Catalan dishes such as pa amb tomàquet, mar I muntanya, ratafia, and the famous Catalan wines.

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