Souvenirs from Spain: Top 10 BEST Things You Can Only Get in Spain

Discover the 10 best souvenirs from Spain. From colorful abanicos, glazed ceramics, Spanish blue wine, customized posters, and Jamón, there’s more to take home.

Spain is not only famous for its mesmerizing landmarks and sites, sumptuous cuisine, or its friendly locals but is also home to distinctly unique souvenirs. The country has a treasure trove of all things travelers can find exciting, including colorful fans, blue wine, and handcrafted pottery. Souvenirs from Spain are one-of-a-kind, definitely worth every space in the luggage.

There’s beauty in handcrafted items that simply speaks of Spanish art and culture. The intricate designs of the Spanish fan or abanico, decorative ceramics, pottery items, and Mediterranean jewelry pieces are perfect momentos from different regions. Exciting and unique items await travelers visiting Madrid, Barcelona, Basque Country, and other major cities.

Food and beverage are also excellent souvenirs from Spain. Besides olive oil, travelers can take home local wines, cured ham, turrón, Menorca gin, saffron, and chocolates. These are perfect gifts to give family and friends to experience a slice of Spanish and Catalan cuisine.

Here are the 10 best souvenirs from Spain that travelers should take home.

Souvenirs from Spain: Top 10 Things You Can Only Get in Spain

Bota de Vino
via Wikimedia Commons|Tamorlan

1. Bota

Spain’s alleys are filled with boutique shops that sell this traditional drinking vessel known as bota. A wineskin, often made of leather, is carried across the shoulder and is the Spanish version of the hip-flask.

Traditional wineskins have animal bladders to prevent the liquid from seeping through. These days, bota bags have a plastic liner and nozzle for easy drinking. Be sure to get the black-colored bota because they replicate the authentic one, it usually costs around €32.

Although it is not recommended to fill bota with Spanish wine on your flight, the bag still looks cool and can perfectly hold all sorts of liquids, from water to beer, wine, and other refreshments.

Souvenirs from Spain: Flamenco Performance in Seville
via Wikimedia Commons|Diego Delso

2. Flamenco Costumes

Thinking what to buy from Spain? The ‘I Heart Madrid’ shirts are too common, so level up to flamenco costumes and accessories. These are colorful, flowy dresses that flamenco dancers wear for the dance performance.

Spain is home to the passionate and captivating style of dance, known as flamenco. Many travelers go to flamenco bars to witness colorful and exciting performances, with dancers wearing fiery and beautiful long dresses.

Souvenir shops at Seville, Madrid, and Barcelona offer all sorts of flamenco costumes in different designs, colors, and sizes. Travelers can also sport these costumes during Halloween, parading the streets in long, flowy dresses. Be sure to take one home for kids, as there are smaller sizes.

amón Ibérico de Bellota
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3. Jamón

When visiting Spain, one thing that’s considered a staple in any tapas menu is a Spanish cured ham called jamón. Almost all markets or mercados are lined with hanged ham leg that is made from black pigs. The Jamón Ibérico de Bellota is considered high-quality ham, derived from Iberian black pigs with an acorn diet.

Travelers can take home packets of quality jamón or even a full leg. When buying, tourists get a free taste of the cured ham, as sellers slice off strips for every variety. Whether Serrano or Ibérico, it is no secret that Spanish hams taste divine. These are cured for 36 months, which brings out a rich, flavorful taste of the ham.

4. Blue Wine

The phenomenal blue wine from Gïk is a unique souvenir from Spain. This novelty beverage is all-natural and is achieved by mixing red and white grapes. Since its release in 2016, the blue wine has been making waves, both in the local and international market.

Travelers can find blue wine in some restaurants and wine shops all over the country. These are more expensive compared to other local wines, but definitely worth every penny. After all, it’s not every day that anyone can drink the azure-blue-colored wine—only in Spain.

Paella pan
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5. Paella Pan

Spain’s most famous dish is probably paella, which is cooked in a large, shallow pan. Because of the popularity of the dish, travelers take home paella pans to recreate the classic dish back home. Walking along mercados, travelers can spot different varieties of paella pans; small, bigger, with different materials.

Paella pans make the best gifts from Spain, perfect for foodies and culinary artists. Because Valencia is the birthplace of paella, the region has a booming trade in paella pans. However, travelers can easily find authentic pans throughout markets and cookware shops in Spain.

La Tienda is one of the best paella pan brands in the country, usually costs between $12 to $445.

via Wikimedia Commons|Heinz Joerg Kretschmer

6. Abanico

The colorful, handmade Spanish fan or abanico is popular among locals, especially during summer. Because of its popularity, these fans are common sights in big cities and provinces. Women of all ages carry abanico to cool down when outside air-conditioned areas.

Abanico celebrates the Spanish culture, sporting a range of elaborate and beautiful designs like flowers, butterflies, ancient landmarks, and sometimes ostrich feathers. There are a number of varieties, from screen-printed fans, lace-trimmed, to more luxurious hand-painted designs.

Aside from using the fan to beat the heat, travelers can also use it as home decor. Colorful and unique designs can be framed and hung on walls.

7. Spanish Scarves

The colorful, unique patterns of scarves are perfect souvenirs for female friends and family. In Spain, women are often seen wearing scarves to make their outfit more sophisticated. It is a common accessory all year-long, be it summer, spring, or winter.

For tourists who are wearing strapless tops and dresses, putting a scarf on top is recommended for visiting religious buildings, and cathedrals. This accessory can also help avoid sunburn, especially when strolling in coastal cities.

Scarves come in different sizes, colors, and patterns. Plus, these are incredibly cheaper than any other souvenir items, only €5 to €15, depending on the material. Travelers can find scarves almost everywhere, bazaar, mercado, and boutique shops.

glazed pottery

8. Glazed Pottery

Most souvenir shops sell ceramics and pottery items that are handcrafted. From cups, bowls, plates, and decorative pieces, glazed pottery with moorish patterns are perfect souvenir items.

The region of Málaga is popular for metallic-toned and caliph-style ceramics. Make sure to buy one when visiting the region because these pottery items are one-of-a-kind. Travelers can also make their own pots when visiting pottery and crafts stores in Andalucia. It is a great experience, and tourists get a chance to interact with local potters.

spanish cheese
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9. Spanish Cheese

When bringing home local wines, make sure to not miss on the wide selection of Catalan and Spanish cheeses. Take home Guía’s famous flower cheese, the Idiazabal gazta from the Basque Country, and the Manchego cheese.

Food is always a good idea when it comes to souvenirs because travelers can share it to friends and family. The Spanish cheeses are delectable, especially aged varieties. The Afuega’l Pitu is one of the most expensive cheeses in Spain, made from full-fat cheese from whole cows’ milk.

via Wikimedia Commons|Valdavia

10. Pastries

Traditional Spanish sweets and pastries are selling like hotcakes because of their rich taste, and unique toppings. Although these need to be consumed within a couple of days to retain freshness, taking home mouthwatering delights surely bring happiness.

Besides churros, buy classic Spanish pastries like roscos fritos, casadielles, piononos, and pestiños. These sugary treats can only be found here and are perfect souvenirs from Spain.

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