Top 15 BEST Romantic Destinations in Spain

Looking for the best romantic destinations in Spain? Look no further! This list of 15 romantic destinations in Spain is a good place to start.

Planning a honeymoon trip to Spain, and you don’t know where to start? Shed your worries as we have curated a list of the best romantic destinations in Spain. Visit one or all of them – your choice, but what we guarantee is that your honeymoon is going to be memorable not just because of the intimacy you will enjoy but also because of the experience you will collect.

Read on to learn about the best Spain romantic destinations!

Top 15 BEST Romantic Destinations in Spain

La Concha Beach, San Sebastian
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San Sebastián

If you happen to be a newlywed couple who crave for coastal vibes while still clinging on to your desires of enjoying world-class Spanish dishes, San Sebastián is the place that you can hit.

Also popular among divers and surfers, the city’s two beaches, namely La Zurriola and La Concha, end up wrapping up your honeymoon vacation with some lasting memories.

The ideal duration for a visit to San Sebastián is 3 days max, where you can enjoy some surreal sunsets, beach surfing, and scuba diving while still giving your tastebuds a treat of tapas and delicious Spanish food.

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Madrid, Spain
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If you are all set to spend your romantic holiday in Spain, a visit to Madrid is a must. The nation’s capital showcases a fine blend of laid-back attitude of the Mediterranean, and the urban energy one encounters in the world’s major metropolitan cities.

A perfect destination for nightcrawlers and party lovers, what can possibly beat those romantic walks and passionate kisses on the way back to the hotel after spending an electric night at bars and nightclubs? A 5-day stay at Madrid is just perfect to get a hang of the lively city!

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Plaza De España Seville Spain
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When one talks of Spain honeymoon destinations, skipping Seville is not allowed. Often touted as Spain’s most
romantic city, this is where you find fountain-filled plazas.

Explore the narrow alleys of this beautiful city on a horse-pulled carriage while treating your auditory senses with exotic Spanish guitars.

The romantic sunsets and the old-world charm will engulf the two of you in a way that you will lose track of time and melt into each others’ arms, giving birth to a morphed soul! 2 nights is all that you need to experience the romantic vibe of the city.


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Costa Galicia

If you are looking for some privacy, Costa Galicia is all set to provide you with what you need. Visualize those slow walks along the long deserted white beaches with your skin sensually kissed by the wind and your feet caressed by the breaking waves.

Visualize your entangled bodies with lips locked in the privacy of windswept coves. Visualize the clifftop retreats where you enjoy the romantic dinners. Visualize the silent moments seating next to each other, talking the language of love in absolute silence right in front of the crackling bonfires.

Yes, you want to be there and 4 nights should be enough since the rest of Spain will be waiting to give you more memories!

Imagen de Lukmicity en Pixabay


With romanticism at its best, Andalucía has all that you will crave for as newlywed lovebirds. The sun, the sea, the sand, rustic charm of gypsy quarters, the hilltop retreats, and the remote villages of Alpujarra – this place has everything! Gift yourself a 7-night stay at this place and take back memories that even the fleeting time cannot wipe off!

Ciudad HIll Granada Spain
Imagen de Jerzy Górecki en Pixabay


Granada is a Moorish jewel that appears to be straight out of a fairytale book. This charming place has an age-old fortress accentuating the natural beauty of the town.

Wander around the narrow alleys with your locked fingers and pressed bodies while soaking in the rich cultural history and the raw beauty of the snow-clad mountains.

Even if you aren’t a history buff, walking down the narrow alleys will transport you to a time where you will feel like a royal couple. A couple of days in Granada should be enough in case you don’t want to miss out on other places!

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Alicante cruise port Spain
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Alicante is a historic port. This Mediterranean city boasts an old castle, long waterfront, palm-fringed plazas, historic remnants of the Roman civilization, and the Arabs along with modern touches of bars and sidewalk cafes. This place transports you back to the Victorian Era, where you will feel like royalty.

What could be a better place for a romantic new beginning? To experience Alicante to its fullest, you will need at least 6 nights!

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Mallorca is one of the best honeymoon destinations in Spain.
Image by Marci Marc from Pixabay


There are only a few things that beat the beauty and the romantic vibe of the Mediterranean. With that in mind, a tour to Mallorca cannot be ignored if you are looking for the best romantic destinations in Spain.

Located on the Balearic Islands, you can steal some privacy with a private yacht or engage in adventure activities like cycling and hiking.

Stroll through the serene and beautiful forts, prehistoric sites, or delectable beaches while engaging in soft giggles, careless touches, and unspoken promises. At Mallorca, love is in the air. Breathe it, experience it, live it! A 6-night stay should be enough.

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Image by KaatjeB from Pixabay


If you don’t mind some crowd and prefer to start your new married life with a spark of joy and excitement, the über-chic Ibiza is where you should head for.

This Balearic island is known to be a place where the party never ends! With over 50 white sand beaches throwing unforgettable parties, the beginning of your new journey will forever remain immortal in your memories! Ideally, a 5-night stay at Ibiza is good enough!

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Camino de Santiago
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Head for Galicia’s northwestern region and experience the green heaven, the stunning countryside, and the buzzing cities.

If you need some adventure to make your honeymoon special, hit the Camino de Santiago, which is Spain’s most famous pilgrimage route used since the ancient times. At Galicia, you and your partner can indulge in mythology, discovery history, and partake adventure activities that will make your honeymoon a memorable one!

Oceanogràfic in Valencia’s City of Arts and Science
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With stunning beaches and charm from the old world, Valencia is Spain’s undisputedly one of the most famous honeymoon destinations. Romantic vibe clings on to every nook and cranny of Valencia.

When you are done soaking in the romantic atmosphere and exploring the historical gems that Valencia has to offer, head for the famed L’Oceanografic – Europe’s largest aquarium that will give you a chance to see some of the stunning creatures that lurk in the oceans and seas of this world. A 3-4 days’ stay at Valencia will be enough to explore!

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If you are one of those newlywed couples who love to go out and explore cultures, Barcelona with its perfect blend of elegant museums, lively markets, lounges, and laid-back bars, rooftop dinners, and elegant, sun-drenched beaches is a welcome destination.

If all that isn’t satisfying enough, you can explore the 2000-year-old architecture and take a slice of history as a treasured memory. A 5-night stay is a minimum you will need to experience Barcelona to its fullest.

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If you are a daring duo, Benidorm is a perfect getaway for your honeymoon trip. With loads of outdoor activities like paragliding, windsurfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, water skiing, and others, your honeymoon trip to Benidorm will be exciting and full of adrenaline rush.

If all those activities don’t sum up to a satisfying stay and leave you yearning for more, the four theme parks, magnificent golden beaches, lively nightlife, and a shopping getaway will leave the two of you drooling for more. A 5-night tour to Benidorm is what you will need to enjoy it to the fullest.

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Imagen de António Cascalheira en Pixabay


Romantic snowfalls, colossal cathedrals, gorgeous castles – what do they indicate? Yes, Segovia is all set to make your honeymoon trip as memorable as it can be. Segovia is one of the best romantic destinations in Spain, and it has the Cinderella castle!

Yes, you read it right! It has the Cinderella castle, and a trip there will make her feel like a princess. In case you want a piece of history, you can go looking for the famous aqueduct that was built during the Roman era in the 1st century CE. It is an architectural marvel that stood the test of time!

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romantic destinations in Spain The Historic City of Toledo
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It really can’t get better. Toledo is a place where love is in the air. Every nook and cranny whispers romance. What’s so special? A river at the bottom, a castle on the top, labyrinths of cobbled streets, beautiful synagogues, mosques, and museums, beautiful churches – all pent-up and fortified within ancient walls! Yes, Toledo is much more than love.

It is history served on the table complete with late-night dances, friendly atmosphere, and romantic sunsets! A honeymoon trip to Toledo is something you and your better half will forever cherish!

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It is needless to say that there is no scarcity of romantic destinations in Spain. You may not agree with our list completely. Yes, the list is not really complete.

There’s much more! There are more such amazing destinations that this nation can offer if you are looking for a romantic honeymoon trip to the country. This list is only the beginning, a quick guide for you to start. Rest, you can explore it on your own!

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