Top 15 BEST Road Trips in Spain

Spain is a country full of surprises at every nook and cranny. It is a beautiful and lively country, and albeit romantic. Certain road trips in Spain are just equally fascinating.

If you are pondering over the thought of engaging in a road trip to Spain during your next visit to the country, we have a collection of some of the best that the country has to offer.
Here you go!

Top 15 BEST Road Trips in Spain

Cartagena City Hall, Murcia Spain
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Madrid to Murcia

With 248 miles covered in 4 hours, the Madrid to Murcia road trip is one of the most beautiful Spanish road trips. Cutting through majestic pine forests, serene lakes, undulating mountains and beautiful valleys, the highway will take you through two historically famous cities by the names Tarancon and La Roda.

Along the way, you will also come across the fascinating Cave of Montesinos that remains surrounded by 900+ acres of shrubbery and trees. The city of Albacete that falls on the route can treat you with some mouthwatering meat and red wine.

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Almería to Mojácar

This Spain road trip is small. Only 78 miles! That shouldn’t dishearten you because, along the way, you will encounter desert regions and even elegant beaches. What will surprise you is the stark contrast of the Tabernas Desert between the greenery of the country. This only European desert has hosted various Hollywood shoots and even a few for the Game of Thrones.

Along the route, you will come across the Sorbas village where you can explore ghost towns and Andalusian monuments. Once you reach the final destination of Mojácar, you can rejuvenate over a cocktail on a relaxing beach.

Castellón City
Imagen de ANTO ABELLAN en Pixabay

Castellón to Valencia

80 minutes! That’s all it takes for this road trip, but the path you take will greet you with the refreshing fragrance of lemon and orange groves. There will be rugged mountains and a few scattered hilltop towns that will witness your journey!

There are essentially two routes that you can take. One is along the Mediterranean coast where your senses will rejoice at the sight of the vastness of azure blue waters.

The other is an inland road that can give you a chance to explore the famous Sierra Calderona Natural Park, where Nature will heal your ailing soul.

In case you are not filled with anguish because of the awful ending of Season 8 of the GOT, you can take a break and explore the Templar Castle at Peniscola that was featured in Season 6 of the fantasy show.

Cabo de Creus
via Wikimedia Commons|César J. Pollo

Mediterranean Coast

While in the country, if you decide to embark of a road trip around Spain where you can find the real hidden gems, hire a car and set out for the sandy road trip that stretches over 1660 km starting from Europe’s southernmost point located in the province of Cádiz and ending at the rocky cliffs of Cabo de Creus that sits on the border between Spain and France.

This long journey that can take up to 14 days to cover will give you a scope to experience a wide range of cultures, towns, and landscapes – all soaking under the Spanish sun.

You can break it down to smaller trips like Mediterranean Andalucía, Murcia and Levante, and Mediterranean Catalunya. There is a lot to explore in these trips that usually stay hidden under heaps of tourist attractions that the country has to offer.

La Coruña Beach Galicia
Imagen de José A Ortega en Pixabay


When it comes to northern Spain road trip, the Galicia road trip comes out triumphant. Lend yourself at least 3 days for this trip and skip all the concrete facades, busy streets, crowded beaches, and noisy pubs.

Ditch everything touristy and head for the unspoiled Nature along the wind-swept coastlines dotted with scenic lighthouses, sleepy and near-surreal colorful fishing villages, towering cliffs, and hazy beaches.

Your trip will start at La Coruña, and you can end it at Ribadeo – a port town. What you enjoy in between will depend on the time you are willing to spend.

Imagen de Anne Wipf en Pixabay


Northern Spain is where you get pristine Nature full of rural mountain towns and picturesque coastal villages. Be there and be bewitched by the lush green valleys, snow-capped mountains, picture-perfect medieval towns, and sun-kissed beaches! No wonder people call it ‘the natural paradise of Spain.’

A whopping 345+ kilometers of coast awaits the explorer in you. If you happen to be a history buff, Asturias is a treasure trove!

The minimum 2-week trip begins at Oviedo and you will move through Gijon, Lastres, Llanes, Cueva del Soplao, Santillana del Mar, Cangas de Onis, Basilica de Covadonga, Cudillero, Taramundi, and finally to Aviles.

Did we mention that Asturias is a paradise for foodies?

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You perhaps already know about Barcelona! It is Spain’s cultural hub and home to Antoni Gaudi’s Basilica de la Sagrada Família.

What you perhaps don’t know are road trips from Barcelona that can let escape the busy urban core and hit the idyllic country villages, historic and ancient cities, or just drive down to a medieval town to visit a well-preserved national park full of extinct volcanic cones!

There are multiple options to choose from. Barcelona to Costa Brava, Barcelona to Andorra, Barcelona to Penedes Wine Region, Barcelona to Tarragona, Barcelona to La Garrotxa, and more. Choose what suits you the most!

Malaga Andalucia, Spain
via Flickr|Giuseppe Milo

Andalucía, Southern Spain

What do you like? Traditional Spanish dishes and a lazy walk around historic town? Andalucía road trip is for you!
Are you smitten by medieval fortresses, grandiose cathedrals, and some mesmerizing architecture? Andalucía road trip is for you!

Are you more of a nature lover with a penchant for sparkling sunny beaches, majestic mountains overlooking the limitless seas, azure blue waters? Andalucía road trip is for you!

When it comes to road trips in Spain, Andalucía road trip will put you on a loop of famous coastal destinations like Cadiz, Gibraltar, Marbella, Malaga, and Nerja before you hit inland and explore Granada, Seville, Ronda, and Cordoba.

Give yourself 11 days to truly discover Andalucía with a road trip that stretches 518 miles!


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Rioja Wine Region Road Trip

Wine aficionado? A three-day Rioja Wine Region road trip will give you an unforgettable experience that spans over exploration of cultural curiosities, traditional gastronomy tours, visits to Spain’s emblematic wineries, and activities all related to wine! Oh, you get to taste the exquisite wines.

Plaza De España Seville Spain
Imagen de David Mark en Pixabay

Seville to Cordoba via Granada Road Trip

Seville to Cordoba is a part of Andalucía road trip that can be broken down into three phases – Seville to Malaga, Malaga to Granada, and finally, Granada to Cordoba. While the total driving distance between Seville to Cordoba is only 6 hours and 3 minutes, the trip has a lot to offer.

From flamenco to modern odes to medieval fortresses to coastal heavens like Malaga. Throughout the travel, you can experience the history with Moorish influences and Islamic foundations that weave through the travel.

From delectable culinary to striking architecture, from ancient Roman ruins to medieval glories emanating romantic vibes, this is a road trip you can never forget!

Guggenheim Museum and Puente de La Salve in Bilbao,
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San Sebastián to Santiago de Compostela

The two cities are separated by a distance of 600 kilometers, and there are two routes you can take to cover this road trip. One is the coastal route that takes you through Bilbao (here you find the Guggenheim museum), Picos de Europa (the most beautiful mountain range in Spain), Oviedo (explore the awe-inspiring Pre-Romanesque churches), Playa de las Catedrales (touted as Spain’s most beautiful beach), and A Coruña (where you find a Roman lighthouse).

The other is the Camino Frances Route that will take you through Logroño (the capital of the Rioja Wine Region), Burgos (home to Spain’s most impressive cathedrals), and Leon (a place to enjoy free tapas). Already packing?


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Ruta de los Pueblos Blancos

This road trip through Southern Spain will take you through the iconic white villages that define the region. Piercing right through the heart of Malaga and Cadiz, the Ruta de Los Pueblos Blancos will take you through the famed Ronda village that has become a go-to destination among all tourists!

This trip starts from Seville and takes you to Vejer covering a distance of only 150 kilometers but consuming a whopping 10 days!

Ruta de la Plata ” Route of Silver”

Take the route that the Romans did! Start at Seville in the south and reach Gijon at the north, covering a distance of 495 miles. It is historic by every means because it is the original route that was once taken by the Romans because of the abundance of livestock and precious metals.

Needless to say, you will see the Roman ruins up close. From the ruins of Italica to the Temple of Diana to Moorish fortresses, this Ruta de la Plata will take you through time machine where, if blessed with a vivid imagination, you can live the history!

Road trips in Spain. Cherry blossom in Valle del Jerte
via Wikimedia Commons|quark-cha

Valle del Jerte

Set aside a week for this road trip and do that during the spring when the valley wears the ornaments of Nature, giving a spectacular display of color and light!

The Valle del Jerte road trip starts from Plasencia. It takes you through the near-magical towns and villages only to finally let you witness the flowering of cherry trees that cover the valley slopes.

Plasencia itself is the hub of history that has remnants from the 13th century, which speaks of the cultural conflicts and achievements alike! Words don’t do justice to this amazing Spain road trip. You don’t read about it, you experience it!

La mancha windmills in Toledo
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Ruta de los Molinos

The famed Don Quixote novel forever immortalized the Ruta de Los Molinos in the popular imagination. This route runs straight through Toledo province, which is often described as the hidden gem of Spain.

The iconic windmills lining the drive were confused as giants by the protagonist, and you will understand why that happened once you hit the road trip. The route will take you through open countryside and picturesque views that will bewitch you.

It is a short road trip that is usually trodden by people during the weekend. Starting at Orgaz and ending at Madridejos, this 80-km trip can be covered in just two days!


You may argue that this list of road trips in Spain is not complete. Well, you are right! There are so many more to explore. As we said earlier, words don’t do justice. You need to experience them. So, pack your bags and hit the road!

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