Top 15 BEST Outdoor Activities in Spain

Want a dose of adrenaline rush? Engage in any of these outdoor activities in Spain and take home some memories you can’t erase!

If you are one of those travelers who are always at a lookout for outdoor activities that give adrenaline rush, here is a quick list of outdoor activities in Spain that can fulfill your wishes.

Do keep in mind that the list is far from being complete because it is virtually impossible to pen down everything in a single piece. So, let’s begin!

Top 15 BEST Outdoor Activities in Spain

Kitesurfing in Tarifa
Kitesurifng School Gone Kiting Tarifa / CC BY-SA

1. Kitesurfing in Tarifa

Tarifa – Andalusia’s fortified city – is located in continental Europe’s southernmost point. It is located right at the place where the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea meet. Result? Strong waves and strong winds perfectly conducive to kitesurfing or kiteboarding. And guess what? That is what Tarifa is known for!

It is Spain’s go-to destination for kite surfers and those who love a bit of cultural experience too. Tarifa is home to the famed Guzmán castle – a perfect attraction for history buffs!

The time for kitesurfing in Tarifa is between April and October because of the warm temperature and consistent winds. However, you can kiteboard here throughout the year.

Image by WeLoveBarcelona_de from Pixabay

2. Rock Climbing Near Barcelona

Want to experience sport rock climbing? Hit Europe’s premier destination, located at Catalonia. Montserrat is just an hour’s drive from the famous Spanish city of Barcelona. It is where you find Spain’s some of the best multi-pitch rock climbing experience.

When you are done with Montserrat, head for the small village named Vilanova de Meia, located towards the north of Lleida. You will be greeted by some imposing limestone walls that you can brave and taste victory over the crude Nature.

Cova des Coloms
via Wikimedia Commons|Olaf Tausch

3. Exploring Mallorca Caves

Exploring the Mallorca caves is an experience that you cannot afford to miss! The fascinating underground world is a hidden treasure that you can experience. Stroll, crawl, swim through the labyrinths of these natural structures that will leave you in absolute awe!

Take a dip in the natural lakes of the limestone caves that are shaped by natural elements. Don’t forget the Cova des Coloms, the only sea cave system where you can swim and enjoy it!

Skateboarding at Barcelona
via Flickr

4. Skateboarding in Barcelona

When it comes to urban sports, Barcelona is often referred to as the European capital for the same. Barcelona is known as the mecca of skateboarding.

It is needless to say that it is one of the few cities in the entire world where people skate all the time and everywhere. So, you can find a person skating anywhere you go in Barcelona.

Why don’t you give it a try? Do take care of the protective gear, though, because it can sometimes get dangerous, especially when you are inexperienced.

Canyoning in Sierra de Guara

5. Canyoning in Sierra de Guara

How about engaging in a thrilling aquatic adventure that involves jumping, abseiling and controlled descents on waterfalls and swimming in pools of crystal-clear waters? Yes, canyoning is thrilling and filled with an adrenaline rush.

This water activity is famous across Spain, but Sierra de Guara gives a whole different level of experience because not only is it considered as Spain’s top canyoning destination but also the birthplace of the activity.

Paragliding in Madrid
via Wikimedia Commons

6. Paragliding in Madrid

While talking about outdoor activities in Spain, how can one forget about paragliding in Madrid? While the whole activity may look a bit dangerous, it is far from being true. Paragliding in Madrid is safe and gives a smooth experience with some excellent soft take-off and landing spots.

How can you miss cruising at an altitude of 600 meters and experience a panoramic view of mountainous landscapes, leaning buildings, snaking water bodies, and the sweeping greenery?

Don’t worry, you won’t be left alone! An expert pilot always remains suspended with you to give you a smooth experience!

Mount Aneto
via |Pedro Nieves

7. Climbing Mount Aneto, the Top of the Pyrenees

The Pyrenees is a natural border that separates France and Spain. Needless to say, Pyrenees is a favorite destination for mountain climbers.

It is about time you shake off your inhibitions and brave the rocky routes to reach the summit of Mount Aneto standing at an impressive 3,404 meters.

It will take up to two days for the ascent. Still, it will give you an introduction to mountaineering, where you will engage in some rock scrambling and glacier traveling.

Nerja, Costa del Sol, Andalusia
Image by Olle August from Pixabay

8. Canyoning on the Costa del Sol

Costa del Sol is famous for its impressive collection of 124 beaches and a coastline running an impressive 150 kilometers.

Do we even need to say how exciting canyoning on Costa del Sol can be? Imaging shooting down the rock slides that have formed naturally, or swimming in the currents, or tombstoning – that’s thrilling!

Add to it the experience of kayaking or rafting through the waterways of the gorges of Guadalmina River while exploring and discovering the caves and natural pools! That’s irresistible for adrenaline junkies!


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9. Horse Riding in Menorca

It will be unfair to ignore a horse-riding experience in Menorca, given that the island has a longstanding equestrian history that was once a necessity for defense against intruders.

Today, the island has several trails and routes that can last for hours to days and suitable for different levels of riders.

Whether you love rugged northern cliffs of the island, or the gently rolling hills of the center, or the southern white beaches, there is always a route for you that you can cover on the majestic Menorcan horses that are famed for their speed, spirit, and beauty!

10. Rafting in the Sierra de Guara

Sierra de Guara is known for canyoning but, don’t be fooled! Rafting in Sierra de Guara is just exciting and thrilling as canyoning! Full of canyons, gorges, caves, cliffs, and hills that have been carefully crafted by rivers Mascún, Vero, Guatizalema, Flumen, and Alcanadre.

This location is just perfect for a rafting experience that will make adrenaline rush through your veins at lightning speeds!

Hiking in Picos de Europa

11. Hiking in Picos de Europa

If you are bored with beaches and historic landmarks, it is about time you shake things up a bit and go hiking in Pico de Europa – the most beautiful mountain range in the whole of Europe!

Located about 20 kilometers from the northern coast of Spain, the Picos de Europa is known for giving some sweeping views of the colorful hilly contours that will etch a love story between you and Nature.

Don’t forget to join the organized trips to Europe’s some of the deepest caves, including the famous Torca del Cerro that descend to 1589 meters!


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12. Kayaking La Costa Brava

Located at a distance that can be covered in only an hour and a half from Barcelona, Costa Brava set the perfect atmosphere for kayaking between May and October.

While Costa Brava is known for its unique beauty and the scattered sleepy villages of fishermen, a trip to that place remains incomplete without a half-day kayaking trip along the coast.


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13. Diving in Ibiza

Ibiza is legendary, but you cannot enjoy Ibiza to the fullest unless you decided to embark on a diving expedition to explore the colorful and vibrant world that lurks underneath the blue waters you see from the top!

The beautiful reefs housing thousands of colorful fish in all sizes is a welcome experience where the clear waters give visibility up to 40 meters! There cannot be any excuse to not experience and explore the underwater world that so keenly awaits your presence!

14. Mountain Bike the Basque Coast

A fishing village just outside San Sebastian is where the Basque Coast and the Spanish Pyrenees mountains meet together. This makes mountain biking an incredibly amazing experience.

There are several trails that you can take of which, the one between San Sebastian and Hondarribia, another one in Artikutza Natural Park and the one that runs near Irun are of particular interest.

It is needless to say that of all outdoor activities in Spain, mountain biking gives you an extreme adrenaline rush! So, what are you waiting for?

15. Bungee Jumping or Parachuting, Costa Almería

Costa Almería is home to some of the most stunning cliffs you can find in Spain. With its 120 beaches, Costa Almería is a go-to destination for outdoor activities in Spain, which include windsurfing, kitesurfing, stand-up paddling, and various other water activities!

Parachuting over Cabo de Gate-Nijar or Sierra Maria Los Velez Natural Park is one of the most daring outdoor activities you can indulge in.

In case you can be daring enough to take a leap, go for bungee jumping from a scary height of 35 meters from the old and famous Gador Bridge. It is an experience you cannot erase from your memories!


If you are hunting for outdoor activities in Spain, the country has a bucket list to offer. Are you daring enough to indulge in them!

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