Top 10 BEST Honeymoon in Spain for Couples

Enjoy the best honeymoon in Spain, witnessing the stunning, century-old fortresses, buzzing metropolitan cities, and tasting the best Spanish wines.

Spain is not only a popular destination for tourists and adrenaline junkies, but also for couples and newlyweds. The tiresome and lengthy wedding preparation may have caused newlyweds loads of stress that can only be relieved by a relaxing vacation. Spending a honeymoon in Spain is a good decision as couples can get a well-deserved rest at isolated stretches of coastline and quaint cities.

The beautiful country facing the Mediterranean Sea offers a unique, meaningful, and romantic vacation for lovers. From stunning mountain views, fairytale-like castles, to quiet, old towns, and buzzing cities, spending a love-filled holiday in Spain is one-for-the-books.

Lovers can stroll around historic galleries, share a bottle of Teso La Monja wine, dine at an intimate restaurant, and stumble down narrow, historic alleys while holding hands. The cherry on top is probably discovering the secret coves and hidden beaches at Galicia, waiting for the sun to spill its yolk during sunset.

Explore the ten most romantic places in Spain for the honeymoon.

Top 10 BEST Honeymoon in Spain for Couples

Honeymoon in Spain. Plaza Mayor
via Wikimedia Commons|Sebastian Dubiel

1. Madrid

Spain’s capital city Madrid is indeed one of the most romantic cities in the world, dotted with a plethora of medieval buildings, excellent bars, green spaces, historic landmarks, and the best sunset viewing at Templo de Debod.

The city is home to a great selection of boutique hotels, strategically located near famous landmarks for an exciting view of the city center. The botanical gardens, public parks, lively plazas, and enormous art galleries are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to romantic places to visit.

There’s more to the buzzing crowds and jam-packed tourist hubs because Madrid also entertains tourists with numerous sensual flamenco shows. Lovers can drink the most exquisite Spanish beverages for a night to remember.

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Image by Manuel Ramallo from Pixabay

2. Salamanca

The ancient city of Salamanca is undoubtedly one of the most romantic places in Spain. The home to the country’s oldest universities and towering Baroque plazas, Salamanca, is definitely a sight to behold.

Reminisce the magical wedding by visiting the impressive New Cathedral featuring Gothic architecture and Renaissance elements. The Romanesque design dazzles the city, attracting not only art enthusiasts but also tourists. The heart of the tour is the rural cuisine, from tapas to wine tasting. There are well-tucked eateries that serve authentic Spanish dishes that don’t disappoint.

The greatest gem of Salamanca is the Roman Bridge, 176 meters in length, featuring semicircular arches. It is a beautiful backdrop to photographs, showcasing Celtic elements and Salmantine art.

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Old Galicia spain
Image by krystianwin from Pixabay

3. Galicia

Replicating Ireland’s rugged, green haven township is Spain’s very own Galicia. Located in northwest Spain, this community is known as the ‘land of the 1,000 rivers.’ The stunning countryside, off-beaten hiking sites, and pilgrimage tours are perfect for spiritual couples with a love for adventure.

The Camino de Santiago is an ancient pilgrimage route that offers dramatic scenery of the community, along the coasts of the Cantabrian Sea. Galicia is also home to the best seafood in the world, delighting lovers of an intimate dinner by the sea.

Honeymooners choose Galicia because of the coastal walks, romantic views, and the deserted white beaches. In fact, this destination is also one of the best wedding venues in the whole of Spain.

Burgos cathedral
via Wikimedia Commons|Jebulon

4. Burgos

Spend romantic holidays in Spain, visiting the old capital of the Kingdom of Castilla-Leon, Burgos. Nestled next to Arlanzon River, this ancient city is witness to the Spanish Succession, showcasing remnants of the war.

Most travelers go here to visit the remains of apostle Saint James and to try the most famous Spanish cheese of Burgos, locally known as Queso de Burgos. Originally made from sheep’s milk, the cheese melts in the mouth.

Honeymooners can enjoy a tour of the past at Burgos heritage sites like Puente of San Pablo, the 13th-century bridge, Santa Maria plaza, and the vantage point at Mirador Castillo.

The stroll going to the arch of Santa Maria is picturesque, with pathways full of vintage shops, flowers, and sculptures. It is a perfect spot to try local ice cream while roaming around town.

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Park Güell, Barcelona
Image by Michelle Maria from Pixabay

5. Barcelona

Immerse in the laid back coastal city of Barcelona and experience the sea of Spanish art, culture, and gastronomy. Barcelona’s cosmopolitan area is a stunning city, perfect for lovers who want to have fun and create lasting memories. With tons of activities to entertain couples, being here feels like a dream.

The dramatic coastline views, pleasant walk to the narrow streets, world-class nightlife, and five-starred restaurants, Barcelona exceeds expectations. For tourists who are here for Spain honeymoon, the panoramic views of Bunkers del Carmel and Tibidabo is perfect for quiet and romantic strolls.

Get up early to watch the beautiful sunrise riding a hot air balloon, feel the bohemian vibe at local neighborhoods, and don’t forget to visit quirky cafés and the Gaudí buildings. It is easy to be charmed, and fall in love with this city with a range of activities travelers can do.

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Costa Brava
Image by falco from Pixabay

6. Costa Brava

The pine-blanketed paradise located northward from Barcelona is Costa Brava, known as the rugged coast. The seaside resorts and sunny beaches make it a popular summer destination, but there’s more to it than the beauty of the sea.

Costa Brava is recognized by a lot of tourists for the show Game of Thrones, but this is also a place to witness craggy cliffs, lush forests, and the whitewashed casitas of Cadaqués. The city also boasts of Mediterranean buildings and picture-perfect boat-bobbing villages.

Couples can dine at the voted ‘World’s greatest restaurant’ Celler de Can Roca, a 3-Michelin starred restaurant. Enjoy the best dining experience in Costa Brava, Girona, and taste the authentic Spanish delicacy.

La Rioja Vineyards
Image by Pradillacarlos from Pixabay

7. La Rioja

If not for the marvelous Cantabrian mountain views and Mediterranean forests, La Rioja has made a name for its vast vineyards that produce the best tasting Spanish wines.

Visit the wineries and taste the original Rioja wine in this province. Vineyards in this region are hundreds in number, with land size spanning to more than 60,000 hectares. Fun tours are provided to learn about different wines and their taste.

La Rioja is one of the romantic destinations in Spain for intimate restaurants, wineries, and historic museums. The province boasts of Iberian cooking and Masqués de Riscal wines.

The hotels in this area are also made for couples, from brick walls, wood-beamed ceilings, and wide windows displaying the rolling mountains. For outdoor activities, couples can head to Sierra de Cebollera Nature Reserve to witness the wildlife.

Oceanogràfic in Valencia’s City of Arts and Science
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8. Valencia

Spain’s third-largest city is home to the old riverbed, honey-colored towns, and contemporary City of Arts and Sciences attraction. Valencia is arguably a great Spain honeymoon destination because of its good weather, relaxing vibe, and gorgeous lakes.

For lovers who want to try a different activity, crossing the Medieval bridges while cycling is a good option. This is one way of exploring the city and its famous landmarks. Get a glimpse of the lovely Palace of the Marquis de Dos Aguas and the praise-worthy market Mercado de Colón.

Food stalls can be found almost everywhere, delighting tourists with Arròs Negre, Sobrasada, Esgarrat, sweet pumpkin Bunuelos, and more. The best part is strolling around the space-age buildings at the City of Arts and Sciences.

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9. Albacete

The city of Albacete preserves the 15-century cathedral that mesmerizes tourists. Aside from the countryside vibe, Albacete is also known for its eccentric nightlife and tapas bars. Couples can visit this city for a lot of reasons, including Saint John the Baptist Cathedral, the long stretch of shopping centers, and to taste the best caracols or snails.

All pork products are popular here, especially the Albacete-made, streaky bacon, and pork loin. Spend the afternoon at Abelardo Sánchez Park and go on a picnic at Fiesta del Árbol Park to enjoy more green spaces.

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Generalife Gardens, Granada
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10. Granada

The home to the most-talked-about tourist magnet Alhambra Palace in Granada, located at Sierra Nevada foothills. The list for the most romantic spots in Spain would always mention the beauty of this city, the vibrant neighborhoods, dramatic hilltop fortress, and the rich Basque culture.

Granada is the perfect place to unwind and discover less crowded spots. Besides Alhambra Palace, the city is where travelers can find the Generalife or the leisure place of Kings, who once resided in Granada. Moreover, honeymooners can also witness the Isabelline-style building of the Royal Chapel of Granada.

Watch the Alhambra turn into coral pink at sunset and enjoy the golden hour roaming around the rooms and quarters. To cap off the honeymoon in Spain, couples can hop to Paseo de Los Tristes and enjoy the best-tasting tapas coupled with local beer.

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