Top 15 BEST Festivals in Spain

Spain is a beautiful country, and it is a land of some of the weirdest and yes, fascinating and/or lively festivals that will simply blow your mind away. In case we want to learn about the most famous festivals in Spain, we have compiled a quick list. Read on and find out what cultural delights Spain holds for you to explore and enjoy!

Top 15 BEST Festivals in Spain

La Tamborrada (Drum Festival)
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La Tamborrada (Drum Festival)

Spain is a Catholic country, and it is needless to say that every city has a unique way of celebrating its patron saint. San Sebastian is one such city. The patron saint of the city is St. Sebastian. What does that mean? Oh yes! It means a massive drum parade that goes by the name Tamborrada.

On January 19, with the stroke of midnight, the Plaza de la Constitución sees the flag’s ceremonial raising followed by a 24-hour musical parade. Dozens and dozens of drums line up, and they walk through different streets of the city.

24 hours later, the music will settle, and the flag will be carefully taken down only for repetition the next year.

Las Fallas De Valencia (Festival Of Fire)
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Las Fallas De Valencia (Festival Of Fire)

Do you think you have seen a jaw-dropping bonfire? Think again! The Las Fallas De Valencia will put anything and everything that you have seen to shame.

In mid-March, the streets of Valencia will spring to life night-after-night. There will be dazzling displays of gigantic paper sculptures that come with unbelievable details. There will be music, firecrackers, and the epic crowd.

Even if you try to sleep, you can’t! The deafening sounds will keep you awake the whole night – night-after-night. You will see, you will experience live celebrations of major scales only to see those gigantic sculptures or Fallas, as they say, go up in flames on the final night of the festival.

The bonfires will be of epic proportions. No matter where you go throughout the city, you will see them. Officially the festival takes place between March 15 and 19, but the joyful and ecstatic Spaniards of Valencia always drag it for a month.

Carnival (Cadiz)
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Carnival (Cadiz)

Before the Lent and Holy Week begins, most of the Spanish cities will burst into the Carnival celebrations. No matter where you are in Spain, you can expect to find Carnival celebrations somewhere near you.

Each city in Spain is different, and hence, the Carnival celebrations will have a distinctive vibe in every town. However, what you can find in common everywhere is alcohol, music, parades, and some truly extravagant costumes.

The grandeur of Carnival may differ from city to city or place to place, but there are some places where the Spaniards just take it to epic proportions. If you really want to experience the very best of Carnival celebrations, hit Tenerife – the island paradise or go to Sitges – a gay-friendly destination.

Semana Santa (Holy Week)
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Semana Santa (Holy Week)

This religious festival is all about mourning. The Catholics mourn the final days of Christ on Earth and the grief of the Virgin Mary.

The Semana Santa is held during the week leading to Easter Sunday. The festival is marked with parades and processions along routes that are preplanned. The festival takes place across most of Spain’s villages, towns, and cities.

The festival is climaxed by the Good Friday processions. Even if you are not a Christian or not a religious person, you will still be awed by the whole festival. Be there!

Feria de Sevilla
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Feria de Sevilla

Spring in Spain is beautiful, but if you happen to be in Sevilla, it is just extra fun and amazement! This is where you experience the Feria de Sevilla. This week-long festival includes dancing, music, drinks, and food carts with religious specialties!

In the 19th century, the Feria began as a trade fair somewhere in the 19th century. As time passed, it became a full-blown festival that attracts over a million people from across the world. The festival takes place in April.

Haro Wine Festival
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Haro Wine Festival

When it comes to the most famous festivals in Spain, you cannot forget the Haro Wine Festival.

Celebrated from 28th to June 30, the Haro Wine Festival is celebrated in the sleepy town of Haro, located in Northern Spain’s La Rioja region. How do we describe it? Wine Warfare? Battle of the Wine?

It is just plain chaotic and, at the very same time, juvenile, crazy, and exuberant. It all begins peacefully with a 7 km procession, and then the madness, the wet and red carnage sets in!

People just splash wine over each other using whatever container they can find. It can be a bucket, a glass, a cup, a water pistol – just about anything and everything that can hold wine!

It is outright crazy, but the experience is something you will cherish forever.

Feria Del Caballo (Horse Fair) is one of the best festivals in Spain
Feria Del Caballo (Horse Fair) is one of the best festivals in Spain. via Flickr|Dominic Alves

Feria Del Caballo (Horse Fair)

It is a fair where you experience joyful celebrations, fantastic flamenco performances, amazing Andalusian food, and horses – lots of horses!

Parades with horses, many flamenco performances here and there, 250 stalls serving some of the finest Tapas – the Feria Del Caballo is a feast for your senses. Be in Jerez in May to enjoy and experience the horse fair. However, do not forget to dress up! Everyone does!

San Fermin & the Running of the Bulls
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San Fermin & the Running of the Bulls

The San Fermin takes place in the second week of July every year. It literally becomes party time for every corner of the city of Pamplona.

What happens? Well, you guessed it! Bulls (Toros Bravos), 12 tons each, are let loose at 8 AM every morning. They run around the winding streets of Pamplona and eventually reach the bullring.

But wait! The bulls aren’t the only ones running! People run too. However, that’s not what is exciting. What’s exciting is that the bulls will chase the runners (called the Mozos). It is a heart-pounding, adrenaline-fuelled event that attracts people from across the globe!

Cordoba Patios Festival

Cordoba Patios Festival

May is the month of the Cordoba Patios Festival. What really happens? It may sound strange, but this is when people who own the most beautiful patios in the city will open up their courtyard for the public!

If you are a plant lover, you are going to have a splendid time! It is traditional, it is colorful, it is just beautiful. Throw in some serene Andalusian atmosphere and some great Andalusian food, and you will be grateful to yourself for the decision you made to be there at Cordoba.

La Tomatina- the Tomato Fight
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La Tomatina- the Tomato Fight

It is needless to say that La Tomatina is by far one of the most famous festivals in Spain.

Be there at Buñol, and experience the joy of throwing tomatoes at anyone and everyone you wish to. Be ready to be slapped with a bunch of tomatoes thrown your way as a response to your throws!

It is a crazy 70-year old tradition that is today celebrated every August on the last Wednesday of the month.

You can’t just walk in there to celebrate it! You need to buy tickets and guess what? It might be difficult to lay your hands on the tickets because they are sold off in a flash. 20,000 tickets don’t last long, especially when people across the globe fly to Spain only to participate in La Tomatina!

La Mercè (Barcelona)
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La Mercè (Barcelona)

The biggest festival in Barcelona, La Mercè, is all about live concerts, fireworks, parades, and the famous human towers! There are over 500 fun activities of which, Castellers or the human towers are of special interest that takes place at Placa de Jaume.

The town square is packed out by thousands of people who want to watch those human towers, the focal point of which is taken by the youngsters who climb all the way up to the top.

This autumn festival is unique, and you should experience it at least once!

Festa Major De Gracia (Gracia Festival)M
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Festa Major De Gracia (Gracia Festival)

Celebrated in Gracia – the picturesque village, the Festa Major De Gracia is one of the most anticipated Spanish festivals that takes place every year in August.

Vibrant street decorations, live music, incredibly lively atmosphere – it is a mesmerizing display that will leave you speechless regardless of your age!

Throughout August, people will transform the streets of Gracia into a wonderland using elaborate decorations made out of recycled material. You can see enormous dolls parading through the neighborhood and the Castellers making human towers.

Songs, dance, firecrackers – you just can’t afford to miss the Festa Major De Gracia.

Fiestas del Pilar
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Fiestas del Pilar

This festival is all about honoring the patron saint of Zaragoza. It will remind you of a country fair where you can get involved in concerts, carnival games, food stalls and more!

The striking feature of the festival is the massive altar dedicated to the patron saint, which is completed covered with fruits and flowers offered by the people! It is a sight you will never forget!

Feria de Málaga
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Feria de Málaga

Feria de Málaga is an Andulasian summer fair. It started in the 15th century to commemorate the entrance of the Catholic Monarchs into Málaga in 1487.

This cosmopolitan festival is all fun! From traditional flamenco to copla dancing, from fireworks to food, the Feria De Málaga takes place in August. Neither do you need invitations, nor do you need to adhere to any specific dress code!

Simply be there and participate. If you happen to be a foodie, you will appreciate the fact that Feria De Málaga exists!

Barcelona Beer Festival
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Barcelona Beer Festival

If you love craft beer, you cannot afford to miss this! It is southern Europe’s largest event for those who love craft beer. The festival has its very own currency and its own glass.

No one will serve you a glass of beer if you don’t have the official glass or if you don’t have the official currency to pay for the beer.

Apart from beer, there are many other things to enjoy, such as escape rooms, meeting with brewers, concerts, debates, tastings, meetings, and more. Sounds interesting? Well, it is!

Come close, we will whisper a secret in your ears! “The festival takes place in March.” Don’t tell this secret to anyone!


When it comes to festivals in Spain, the country has no scarcity. This list is not the most complete one you can get. There’s more to explore! For instance, the festival of Near-Death Experience! Did you ever participate in such a festival? So, it is time to pack and fly to Spain. There is too much to explore and too little time! Hurry!

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