Top 10 Most BEAUTIFUL Cities in Spain to Visit

Get to know the best cities in Spain to visit and the famous landmarks. From coastal towns to bustling metropolitan areas, there's a lot to discover in Spain.

A week of holiday in Spain won’t suffice to explore the magical cities of the country. The 27 vast cities have distinct pace, vibe, and traditions that never fail to surprise visitors. Cities in Spain to visit are brimming with historical extravaganza, colorful festivals, and fun-loving locals, which makes the trip worthwhile.

In between far-flung cities, travelers discover the depths of the Spanish culture and the impressive landmarks dotted across the country. Choosing which cities to visit can be the biggest challenge as famous sites are scattered equally in different regions.

From the pounding metropolis down to sun-kissed coastlines and adrenaline-charged countryside, one thing is for sure. There is never a dull moment during a traveler’s visit to Spain. The off-beaten paths to gorgeous locations welcome a new dimension, offering a slice of the country’s diverse culture.

The must-see cities in Spain have everything a traveler dreamed of and more. Discover the top 10 most beautiful cities of Spain.

Top 10 Most BEAUTIFUL Cities in Spain to Visit

Igeldo, San Sebastian, Spain
via Wikimedia Commons|Carlos Cunha

1. San Sebastián

The home to the first culinary university in Spain is where pintxos taste incomparable—San Sebastian or Donostia. The coastal city presents magnificent views of the Santa Clara island and La Concha, the crescent-shaped beach in San Sebastian.

Spend the day roaming in Plaza de la Constitución, where bullfights take place. Gothic-themed monumental cathedral Good Shepherd of San Sebastián is also eye candy, standing tall at 245 feet into the sky.

This place is not only about the views because it is crowded with a number of Michelin-starred restaurants that serve bewitching Spanish cuisine. Housing the Basque Culinary Center, it is undeniable that the city is home to the best chefs in all of Spain.

Best time to visit: May to July, offering cool weather.

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La Alhambra Palace, Granada
Image by Pablo Valerio from Pixabay

2. Granada

The list of cities to visit in Spain wouldn’t be complete without Granada. Take a tour at the breathtaking eight-century-old crimson castle on top of a plateau. The Alhambra Palace is one of Spain’s major tourist attractions, showcasing the intricate and ancient palace that once housed Islam kings.

Granada has enchanting views of the Sierra Nevada mountains and boasts of ancient alleyways and mosques. The city offers unique Islamic architecture, alluring gardens, and lively nightlife.

Visiting this city requires the taste of tapas in narrow bars and alleys. A great way to end the night is visiting Moroccan teahouses, which serves authentic Iraqis, saharavis, and persasi teas.

Honorable mention: Refreshing gazpacho.

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Cordoba Mosque-Cathedral
via Wikimedia Commons|Daderot

3. Córdoba

The prestige of mosque-cathedral Mezquita highlighting Moorish architecture is the only one in the world. It is located in the middle of the historic neighborhood in Córdoba, more like a tourist trap because of the grandeur arches and courtyards.

Córdoba is also famous for the impressive Roman Bridge, which sits beneath the Guadalquivir river. During sunset, many travelers flock here to enjoy the scenic views of the city proper. Before the day ends, visitors can also visit the Jewish quarters and discover well-tucked treasures such as antique pieces, traditional items, and local souvenirs.

At night, live jazz music is performed in different pubs, and flamenco performances occupy tourists. Cordobeses also roam around the streets to provide tapas samples to foreigners.

Best known for Beautiful and artistic patios.

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Madrid, Spain
via Flickr|Rick Ligthelm

4. Madrid

Spain’s capital city Madrid is among the most beautiful cities in Spain because of grand museums, palaces rubbing shoulders with contemporary buildings, and the gastronomic art scene. The cosmopolitan town nestles classical Spanish sculptures and paintings, premier plazas, and Michelin-star restaurants.

Anyone visiting Spain probably wants to head to Madrid before stopping by somewhere else because, let’s face it, it is the heart of Spain. Museums and Baroque buildings are lining up the streets. Tourists can never leave Spain without visiting the Royal Palace or the Plaza Mayor.

Madrid’s beauty emerges from the 18th-century buildings and the modernist blocks that captives travelers. The best part is ending the day drinking wine or beer at trendy rooftop bars, with the best skyline views.

Honorable mention: Gran Vía.

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Plaza De España Seville Spain
Imagen de David Mark en Pixabay

5. Seville

Although Seville is a rough six-hour ride from the capital city, is it definitely one of the best cities to visit in Spain. Considered as the largest historical center, Seville welcomes tourists with the world’s largest Gothic cathedral lying at the heart of the city. With medieval Jewish quarters and rich cultural heritage, it is no wonder why this city is a tourist magnet.

Unlike Madrid and Barcelona, which are terribly popular among any foreigner, Seville is a place devoted to people who admire striking Islamic architecture. The city boasts of Andalucian charm that provides a romantic atmosphere at night.

Aside from flamenco bars, Seville is known for the incredible tapas, vino de Jerez, or fortified wine from white grapes and pescaito. The city accounts for three UNESCO world heritage attractions and the largest cathedral in the world.

Best time to visit: April, during Holy Week.

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Malaga Spain

6. Málaga

The birthplace of painter Pablo Piccaso, Málaga, is a lovely city to visit. The city screams vibrant bohemian culture, with a fair share of centuries-old fortresses and churches. Landmarks to visit include Roman Theatre, Gibralfaro Castle, Muelle Uno monument, the Alcazaba, and the Cathedral.

Thanks to Picasso, the city witnessed a dramatic rise in galleries and museums, featuring the works of famous artists like Picasso himself. The thriving culinary scene is also hard to miss because many pubs are nestled in every corner of the city.

Málaga is also famous for its seaside entertainment, especially the nightlife. Tourists can explore the marbled walkways leading to the city proper and plazas.

Best time to visit: mid-August during Málaga Fair.

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via Flickr|Jorge Franganillo

7. Barcelona

Tourists are not taking pictures at the historic La Sagrada Família in Barcelona. This city is undeniably one of the must-visit cities in Spain for its Gothic façades lining next to skyline-piercing buildings and colorful Catalan architectural marvels.

The city is a haven for sightseeing tours and cava crawl. It offers the perfect mix of culture, art, and food, opening the doors to the art junkies and foodies.

The attractions are almost never-ending, with museums such as Picasso Museum, Fundació Joan Miró, CaixaForum Barcelona, and others.

Never forget the accessible Mediterranean beaches, intriguing houses, tapas bars, and peaceful plazas.

The Montjuïc Magic fountain show at night is one for the books. It features a mix of color, light, music, and water acrobatics.

Never miss out: Gourmet Tapas at Boqueria Market.

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Imagen de António Cascalheira en Pixabay

8. Segovia

The city that overflows with monumental Roman ruins and fortresses is Segovia, an autonomous community of Castile and León. The impressive Roman Aqueduct is the highlight of the city, which stands tall since 50 BC. This is the largest Aqueduct in the world, with a total length of 15 km from its source in Alcazar mountains.

Besides the Roman ruins, Segovia is also famous for the Alcázar de Segovia, or the Moorish fortress that reportedly inspired iconic Disney castles. The medieval castle, shaped like a bow of a ship, is one of Spain’s most visited historical landmarks.

To get here, tourists endure a two-hour ride from Madrid. Despite the medieval landmarks, the city’s vibe is modern and artsyl.

Best food to try: Honey Mustard Chicken Pincho and Cochinillo Asado.

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Cadiz Spain
via Wikimedia Commons|Sergey Ashmarin

9. Cádiz

Get the best sunset views of the La Caleta beach at Cádiz—the oldest city in the West. The city nestles decadent mansions, ancient churches, and the Roman Theatre. Tourists flocked here to taste the best fish and chips, which was a Spanish invention.

Another city highlight includes the Baroque cathedral with a panoramic tower, Cádiz Cathedral. The neoclassical construction and seafront views make this landmark a popular tourist destination.

Take a walk through the gorge-like streets of Barrio del Pópulo to discover local shops and bars that sell local produce and souvenirs. This part of the city is the oldest neighborhood in the whole of Cádiz.

Best time to visit: Middle of May to the end of September.

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Alicante cruise port Spain
via piqsel

10. Alicante

Spare a day or two to visit Alicante, one of the best places to travel in Spain. The bustling metropolitan city is a popular holiday destination in Spain, boasting clear waters and white sandy beaches.

Alicante has colorful buildings and the best marine reserve. The old town is dotted with narrow streets that sell local produce like Paella kit, Mistela wine, Valor chocolates, and leather goods. Alicante also has ancient fortresses with panoramic views of the ocean, making it one of the cities to visit in Spain.

Try: Traditional tapas and cured salted fish.

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