Top 15 BEST Islands in Spain

When it comes to listing the best islands in Spain (or may we say, best Spanish islands?), the list can get pretty long. Needless to say, there will be some obvious choices that no one can ignore. These choices are spread over two major chains of islands that Spain boasts of.

One of those island chains is in the Atlantic Ocean, while the other is in the Mediterranean Sea. The diversity of this spread ensures that the Spanish islands display myriads of landscapes spanning from volcanic vistas to subtropical flora.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a curious traveler or whether you are a hardcore island hopper, the islands in Spain will have something or the other for you to explore and experience. So, let us take a quick look at some of the best Spanish islands that you can visit.

A Rundown of Best Islands in Spain

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With a throbbing heart of a night owl, Ibiza is the go-to destination for party lovers and nightlife enthusiasts. The island comes to life in a true sense only after 7 PM when some of the most popular night clubs, chic bars, and designer boutiques open their doors only to stay open until early morning.

But, as the morning sets in and the sun rays make their way into nooks and crannies, Ibiza unveils its peaceful rural interiors, elegant sandy beaches, and other attractions for countless tourists that flock there.

Not to forget, the laid-back hippie spirit of Ibiza can be experienced at Benirras beach where some lively souls start drumming when the Sun starts setting.

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Largest of all islands that Spain has to offer, Majorca has an incredible dichotomy. If you are a beach lover, the southern shores are all set to enchant you, but if you are looking for some awe-inspiring scenery, the northern part of Majorca is all set for the task.

Upping the ante, Majorca’s Alcudia area offers amazing biking trails along mountain paths and cliffs. It also has some incredible beach resorts perfect for family folks.

If you are planning for Majorca, try to tune your time with the annual Jazz festival in case you are a music lover. The island is not going to disappoint you!

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Menorca (aka Minorca) is there to enchant those who prefer a silent holiday far from the crowd. A less developed island, Menorca holds the record of having the most number of beaches than any other island.

With crystal clear waters, calm beaches, and profound scenic beauty, this island can give you the chance to find a beach that you can enjoy all by yourself. If you don’t mind a few people hanging around, you can save some time and hop on to just about any beach you find.

Did we mention that the island has some incredible pre-historic monument dating all the way back to 1300 BCE? Is the historian in you bouncing with joy?

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El Hierro

El Hierro

Searching for a virgin island? Look up! El Hierro is wearing a welcome smile to greet you. One of the furthest islands of Spain off Africa, El Hierro, is all set to bewitch you with the inspiring beauty of nature.

This islet is dominated by green, and the strong winds make the juniper tree all around bow down to you. Be there with your loved ones and experience paradise right on Earth!

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La Gomera
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La Gomera

A western Canary island, La Gomera, has some historical significance. This is the island from where Christopher Columbus started his discovery voyages. If this alone is not a good enough reason for a visit, this captivating island has more to offer.

The incredible green ravines housing colorful villages, the beaches with sparkling black sand, the ancient laurel rainforests, and Valle Gran Rey’s hippie vibe – you are surely going to forget that you have the return flight to catch.

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Lanzarote is a Canary island that enthralls its visitors with the mysterious and stunning landscapes of volcanic origin. It is one of those Spanish islands that serve as a winter escape for tourists. The mild weather that dominates the island year-round is just perfect.

The island hosts the famous Timanfaya National Park, which was once the site of multiple volcanic eruptions. Don’t worry! None of those volcanoes are active today. But, to satiate your thrill, you can head for the Fire Mountains where lunch grilled with geothermal heat will make you experience culinary orgasms.

Don’t forget the beautiful beaches!

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Formentera is one of the best Spanish islands to visit if you are assigning your holidays to the Spanish islands. You should head for this island if your soul is craving some tropical-feeling waters.

This smallest Balearic island offers some of the finest white-sand beaches that the whole of Europe has to offer. A quick boat ride from Ibiza will take you to this paradise of nude sunbathing.

Oh, dear! We almost forgot the La Mola cliff where there stands a majestic lighthouse! Don’t forget to visit it!

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La Palma
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La Palma

Of all the islands in Spain, La Palma is the one which is popular for hiking and walking tours. It is known as the Beautiful Island, and it houses the world’s largest crater.

You are definitely free to go out hunting for the crater on your own, but a guided tour will be much less risky. Full of lush green forests, sweeping volcanic vistas, and spectacular countrysides make this island a must-visit!

Did you know that La Palma has an international airport?

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Gran Canaria
Image by Slavik Robtsenkov from Pixabay

Gran Canaria

One of the largest Spanish cities is Gran Canaria. Immensely famous for beach holidays, Gran Canaria gives a shoutout to families, honeymoon couples, and to all adventure seekers.

With its amazing sand dunes, varied landforms, biking trails, and arresting beaches, Gran Canaria is all set to up the ante for your next holiday outing.

Amidst all these when your soul craves for something scaled-down, something more laid back, head for the rustic cave villages!

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For not so curious types, Tenerife may not be the best destination when it comes to natural beauty. We say, ignore them! They are just unaware.

Don’t head for the south coast as the eyesore megahotels will definitely leave you with the impression that Tenerife was a wrong choice! Go for the northern coast where you will find a hidden Hawaii.

Lush green cliffs, beaches with sparkling black sands, colorful houses, and the sumptuous wooden balconies – all await you! If you are looking for particular highlights, the towns of La Laguna (UNESCO-listed) and La Orotava are there to surprise you.

Don’t miss out on the glass of local draught because Tenefire is popular for wine.

As far as the south coast is concerned, who are we to say anything? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! On that side of Tenerife, you can enjoy a lot of activities like jet-skiing, parascending, windsurfing, and more.

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This is one of those Spanish islands that feature a stark dichotomy. One part of the island has a well-developed and thriving industry for beach holidays, and the other part boasts some of the most pristine untouched beaches that Spain has to offer.

It is a matter of your choice! Don’t forget that Fuerteventura is known for strong winds that make it an ideal destination for windsurfing and kite surfing! Did we mention that the island has over 150 beaches to offer?

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Ons Island
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Ons Island

Virtually inhabited, Ons Island is the epicenter of attraction for the secluded types. You can reach there with a ferry or a private boat and literally land on a beach where there is not a single human soul to disturb you!

There are just one guesthouse and only one restaurant that this island has to offer. Sitting in the Atlantic just off the Galician coast of Pontevedra, this island on Spain’s northwest corner is ideal for bird-watching or going out on a walk or run along the marked trails.

Tabarca Island
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In the Region of Valencia, the only inhabited island you can find is Tabarca. With just 1,800 meters in length and 400 meters in width at its widest point, Tabarca is actually an archipelago made of several small islets.

The waters of the island have been tagged as Mediterranean Marine Reserve because of the amazing biodiversity it holds. So, what’s so special? The history – that we are not going to tell you! Go and find out by yourself!

Lobos Island
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Lobos Island

If your search for the best Spanish islands to visit has not yet come to an end, lo and behold the Lobos Island! It is a beautiful sanctuary, and you will need a permit (free of cost though) to visit this place.

Measuring only 4.58 square kilometers, this small island lies in the northeast of Fuerteventura. The island gets its name from monk seals that once lived on the island but are not totally extinct there.

Fortunately, though, you have a lot of history to unearth! Just a hint! The island had a Roman presence at one point in time.

playa francesca Graciosa, Canary Islands
Image by lapping from Pixabay

Graciosa, Canary Islands

If you are searching for a hidden gem among the islands in Spain, say hello to Graciosa of Canary islands. Sitting at a distance of only 2 kilometers from the famous Lanzarote, this island isn’t for those who seek adventure. It is for those who seek solitude.

Meant for a day trip, Graciosa is a volcanic island and sits in a national marine park that prevents the hungry tourism industry from spoiling the island’s virginity.

You don’t get cars, and you don’t get beach games or sprawling hotels! You can, however, enjoy supper from a few fish restaurants you find there and then bask in the sun and embrace the solitude!

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Now that you have a list of the best Spanish islands to visit, which one do you intend to visit first? Or, if you have already been to a few of them, which ones do you think are the best islands in Spain? Do let us know!

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