Top 15 BEST Beaches in Spain

Driven by wanderlust, if you end up in far corners of the world, we have a list for you to explore. This list on best beaches in Spain will create a commotion in the labyrinths of your brain, leaving you in a state of indecision, airing your aspirations of traveling without limits.

Yes, Spain! It is the country that once engaged in colonization and looting the lands they conquered. But behind its dark history lies a world so pristine that any person ignorant of her history might mistake it as heaven.

In that person’s defense, Spain is indeed a country of exotic natural beauty with sprouts of human achievements that will make us think for a moment that perhaps this is how the world has been since times immemorial. And when we talk of the beaches in Spain, we are sure you will feel the unbearable sting of the desire to break free from your daily life.

So, without further ado, we present our pick on the best beach destinations in Spain. Read on…

Best Beaches in Spain – A Shout-out to Curious Travelers

Burriana Beach Nerja Spain
via Wikimedia Commons|michael clarke stuff

Burriana Beach or Playa Burriana

Located at Nerja’s eastern end, Burriana beach is the prettiest sandy beach that Nerja has to offer. Teeming with life, this beach has established itself as a go-to bathing destination for both foreign and domestic tourists alike.

Right until 2014, this beach was regularly awarded the ‘Blue Flag’ by the European Union. The Blue Flag is symbolic of excellence.

The beach stands out as nearly a separate village, a modern one albeit, where one can find any facility he or she can think of. Measuring 800 meters in length and about 40 meters in width, this beach offers a lot of activities for people of all ages.

Warning! The sea gets deep quite quickly! Watch out.

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Cala D’en Serra, Ibiza
via Flickr|Fred Bigio

Cala D’en Serra, Ibiza

Let us put it this way – ‘Azure blue waters kissing the golden sand with the formidable cliffs witnessing and guarding the ancient love of the elements.’

Yes, Cala D’en Serra is exactly that – an oval-shaped beach – more like a tiny cocoon of nature’s pristine creation where you can pent up your senses from the cacophony of the disturbing human world.

Relax at this small but secluded bay while looking straight through the cliff opening at what appears to be the edge of this world at the distant horizon!

Your childhood fantasies, your imaginations, your deepest desires will cling on to your senses, making you restless from within. Restless to escape from a society that slowly but surely corrodes your soul from inside!

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Best beaches in Spain. Praia da Rodas, Galicia
via Flickr|tunante80

Praia da Rodas, Galicia

Nearly a mile of a crescent-shaped strip of white sands carelessly caressed by turquoise blue water, the Praia da Rodas is a place where you can find peace!

The chilling cold water of the sea is a stark difference to the brutal sun.

The best part is the absence of cars or high-rise buildings that, in the name of comfort, adulterate nature. The story is different here because it is a national park where you can find a few animals too!

Beware! You may be robbed of your food by seagulls!

Maspalomas, Gran Canaria
Image by Klaus Stebani from Pixabay

Maspalomas, Gran Canaria

If a swarm of people or a nearby concrete jungle doesn’t bother you, the Maspalomas beach with its golden sand dunes, the turquoise waters, and the remains of a sea-water lagoon will make your heart skip a beat.

If you are hitting the sand dunes, be prepared to be greeted by gay and nudists who often flock the dunes. Don’t forget your flip flops as the sand can be unforgiving to your bare feet.

The concrete jungle behind you can take care of all your mortal needs in the form of culinary treats to a warm cozy bed for your night dreams.

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Platja de Ses Illetes, Formentera
via Wikimedia Commons|MrPepanos

Platja de Ses Illetes, Formentera

Exuding raw beauty, Platja de Ses Illetes has a spartan vibe with no human interference amidst the natural beauty of nature.

A pink beach, Platja de Ses Illetes is a perfect union of white sand and coral dust. Be there, and you will be greeted with the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean.

No trees, no shops, no individual establishments – the beach is as natural as it can get. Sitting right next to it is the Platja de Llevant, which is often referred to as the twin.

Avoid peak hours to experience the profound beauty of Nature, the true enchantress.

Hands down, it is one of the best beaches in Spain.

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La Concha Beach, San Sebastian
via Flickr|Aires Almeida

La Concha Beach, San Sebastian

Gentle waves, bobbing boats, azure blue waters, this beach, edged by green mountains, is an epitome of nature’s craftsmanship. Nestled in a sheltered bay, La Concha Beach is not only one of the nicest beaches in Spain but is often touted as the best city beach in the whole of Europe.

As far as culinary treats and bodily comforts are concerned, this place has everything you need. You may opt for casual swimming or perhaps some paddling. Don’t forget sea kayaking, though!

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Playa de Las Catedrales, Galicia
via Wikimedia Commons|Jaume Meneses

Playa de Las Catedrales, Galicia

If you want to see some of nature’s most unusual geological formations playing hide-‘n’-seek with you, Playa de Las Catedrales is the beach you need to head for! The rock formations that resemble soaring arches you see in the Gothic cathedrals will put human engineering to shame.

The arches reveal themselves only during low tide. Then when the water returns, they disappear as if they were never there.

If you are to establish a holy kinship with Mother Nature, you need to stroll through the rocky outcroppings of the beach.

Be vigilant, though! The ocean can return at an alarmingly fast rate!

Nerja, Costa del Sol, Andalusia
Image by Olle August from Pixabay

Nerja, Costa del Sol, Andalusia

Just in case you want to stick with the manmade comforts and yet want boundless natural beauty, this is one of the top beaches in Spain.

It can get a bit expensive here, but the sting of that can be soothed by the azure blue water and the frothy beach where you can simply forget counting time while indulging your sense in a crude romance of land and ocean that has been going on for eons.

Cala Agulla Mallorca
Image by lapping from Pixabay

Cala Agulla

While hunting for beaches in Spain, one cannot forget to list the famous Cala Agulla. With a backdrop of lush green mountain peaks, the Cala Agulla greets its visitors with untarnished golden sand and bright aqua blue waters.

For manmade enchantments, you can get watersports, beach volleyball, beach bar, and more! Of course, it can get busy during the summer months, but if you are looking for thrilling and memorable best beach vacations in Spain, Cala Agulla should make it to your list.

Playa De Silencio, Asturias
via Wikimedia Commons|C.lingg

Playa De Silencio, Asturias

When you are out for Spain beach holidays, Playa De Silencio MUST be there on your list. Declared as a monument, it is by far one of the most beautiful beaches in Spain.

Its breathtaking beauty will silence your sense and leave you are awestruck. No, this is not a happening place. It is for a casual stroll with your beloved (or just you).

With its rocky terrain, flawless sand and serene surroundings, Playa De Silencio is a place where you soak your soul in the unstained, unblemished beauty of nature.

Playa De Gulpiyuri, Asturias
via Wikimedia Commons|Ramon Diaz

Playa De Gulpiyuri, Asturias

A beach that doesn’t have a sea! Sounds unreal? Well, it does exist, and it is called Playa De Gulpiyuri.

It has become one of the top Spain beach destinations because of its lack of a sea. Yes, you get water because it is a beach, but the water is not connected to the sea.

A number of underground tunnels connected to Bay of Biscay’s natural sinkhole have brought this unusual beach to life.

Playa De Bolonia
via Wikimedia Commons|Benjamín Núñez González

Playa De Bolonia

One of the best-kept-secret beaches of Spain, the Playa De Bolonia, is idyllic, quiet, and rustic. With its soul-charming serenity, the beach offers sweeping views of azure blue waters bordered by powdery white sand.

It is a part of the tiny village that is host to 2,000-year-old Roman ruins of the ancient Roman city of Baelo Claudia.

The strong winds here make it a favorite destination for the kitesurfers!

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Playa de Alcudia

Image by Alex Waltner from Pixabay

Playa de Alcudia

In case your pocket is deep enough to experience manmade excellence along with unparalleled beauty of nature, Playa de Alcudia is one of those beaches that can be rightly tagged as one of the most beautiful beaches in Spain.

Featuring some of the finest resorts that Spain has to offer, Playa de Alcudia is also Balearic Islands’ largest beach. Watersports, bars, restaurants, Wi-Fi – there is every conceivable luxury your mortal body can enjoy.

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Es Trenc Beach Mallorca
Image by lapping from Pixabay

Es Trenc Beach Mallorca

Far from humanity’s onslaught on nature, Es Trenc Beach is a perfect getaway for those who enjoy some tranquility.

Fine white sand intertwined with turquoise blue waters, and the sound of the breaking waves is just the perfect potion that you will need for your debilitated soul.

Take a casual stroll along the beach or just stand there to let the water kiss your feet! A while later, you may end up discovering the very essence of your existence!

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Playa La Herradura
via Wikimedia Commons|michael clarke stuff

Playa La Herradura

If you are searching for the best beach vacations in Spain, Playa La Herradura has all the necessary ingredients. The only thing missing is a sandy beach. Playa La Herradura very much makes up for this loss with charming diving and snorkeling spots, wonderful weather, and of course, a fruity treat!

Engage in an assortment of games and activities and then take a dip in the crystal clear waters followed by a lazy walk amidst the rustic charm of the laid back village. You will never regret your decision. Oh! Did we mention that you can enjoy hiking as well?

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Yes, we know that we cannot call its complete list of the best beaches in Spain, and we don’t even dare to do so! It is a collection of our favorites, and your views may differ. After all, which aspect of nature enthralls you is something, we cannot say.

The Spain beach destinations listed above are only a fragment of what the country has to offer. No need to take our words for granted. We know that you are a better judge! So, go out and find out yourself!

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