Top 10 FUN Activities in Spain You Can Do

Plan your trip to Spain and try these 10 exciting activities in Spain. Sleep at a gypsy cave, experience the Arab bath, cross the deadly pathway, and more.

Spain is a big country, full of travel opportunities starting from the northern region of Galicia, down to the distant coastal region of Andalucia. A number of astonishing historical sites and crescent, powdery beaches await tourists who are visiting this beautiful European country. Strolling and visiting the medieval landmarks aren’t the only activities in Spain to do as there are more touristy things to do.

From experiencing an Arab bath, eating at the world’s oldest restaurant, and watching a bullfight, the list of things to do here is almost endless. There’s always something new to discover and definitely more places to visit.

Spain has a relaxing natural beauty that captivates travelers, opening up an exciting dimension of the world. The century-old royal baths, Moorish temples, and scenic, vertical pathways are nestled in different regions.

Take the time to do the popular activities in Spain. Most of these are designed for the thrill-seekers who want to see the unique side of the country.

Here are 10 fun and exciting things to do for tourists visiting Spain.

Top 10 FUN Activities in Spain You Can Do

El Chorro Canyon
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1. Cross the Deadliest Pathway

The three-kilometer walkway that sits at the Chorro Canyon is known as the most dangerous route in the world. Popularly known as the ‘King’s Little Pathway,’ the El Caminito del Rey, is a famous hiking site of professional climbers.

Standing tall at 100 meters above the gorge floor, this pathway attracts thrill-seekers from around the world. The hanging bridge is not for the faint-hearted as the path is full of holes, leaving nothing to hang on. Good thing, it was renovated for four years and reopened to the public in 2015.

El Caminito del Rey is a tourist attraction in Andalucia and becomes fully-booked during summer. Visitors need to make an advanced booking through the official site to get a ticket.

Desierto de Tabernas
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2. Visit the Spanish Desert

While in Spain, make sure to visit the only semi-desert in Europe, located in the province of Almeria. The Desierto de Tabernas showcases dramatic lunar landscapes of Sierra Nevada, Sierra de Los Filabres, and Sierra de Alhamilla.

Visiting this landmark provides a glimpse of the famous desert backdrop to western films Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, the Bad and the Ugly, among others. The hyper-acid climate adds to the desert ambiance, overlooking the spectacular sights of rolling mountains and valleys at Almeria.

For travelers who are running out of activities in Spain, visiting this Spanish desert should be part of the bucket list. Be inspired by the sights, and take a picture of the surreal landscape of the arid slopes.

El Botin
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3. Dine at the World’s Oldest Restaurant

Among the touristy activities to do in Spain is visiting the world’s oldest restaurant in Madrid. The 300-year-old Sobrino de Botin is a beloved culinary institution at the heart of the Plaza Mayor, founded in 1725. The restaurant preserves 18th-century wood-fired oven and wooden beams spanning the ceilings for an authentic, centuries-old feel.

The restaurant serves Castilian style cuisine, cherished by locals through centuries. Its famous roast suckling pig or cochinillo is the talk of the town, alongside favorites like roast suckling lamb or Cordero lechal.

Visiting the Botin restaurant is always part of Spain’s popular activities, as tourists get to be transported back in time. Some of the notable customers of Botin restaurant include American writer Ernest Hemingway, various European royalty, and Spanish politicians.

Gypsy Cave
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4. Stay at a Gypsy Cave

Staying the night at Granada’s gypsy caves is a one-of-a-kind experience. Perched above Granada’s hills, Sacromonte’s caves have a rich history, which dates back to the 15th century. Originally a Roman community, these caves serve as the dwellings of Gitano or Gypsies.

The old caves now open its doors to free-spirited travelers who want to experience a unique lodging. The whitewashed cave homes haven’t changed much since the early centuries. They are considered a traditional neighborhood on the eastern side of Granada.

The lodging is quite cheap, which makes it perfect for solo travelers and budget-conscious tourists. There are also guided tours to explore the neighborhood and the famous Arab quarters.

5. Eat Food over an Active Volcano

Thinking about what activities you can do in Spain? Upgrade the gastronomy experience and taste the ultimate BBQ grilled by the geothermal heat of an active volcano. The El Diablo Restaurante is not like any ordinary eatery, because the meat served to diners is seared by 500-degree Celcius geothermal heat.

Situated in Lanzarote, El Diablo provides a scenic view of the Timanfaya National Park and the Fire Mountains, while lying on the dormant volcano that produces the hot vapor. The cooks make use of a cast-iron grill, then place the meat directly to the hole in the ground.

Worry not because the food is completely safe to consume, as volcanologists and scientists were consulted to check the cooking method. The non-conventional cooking system was also designed by architects Eduardo Caceres and Jesus Soto.

La Tomatina- the Tomato Fight
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6. Participate in La Tomatina

Every August, the town of Bunol in Valencia becomes covered with tomato as La Tomatina is celebrated by locals. What was once an unusual fiesta that brings together crowd throwing tomatoes, became a famous event that gathered tourists around the world.

The tomato fight festival is a strong tradition that dates back to 1944. The participants throw tomatoes for fun while dancing to the blast of music. To get into La Tomatina, visitors need to pay an entrance fee. Others are paying as high as €750 to get up on one of the trucks that bring 100+ tonnes of tomatoes.

Escultura Picasso
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7. Meet Picasso in Málaga

One of the most highly recommended activities to do in Spain for artists is visiting the birthplace of Pablo Picasso in Málaga. The Buenavista Palace houses the 280 painted artworks of the Spanish maestro. Now, a museum, the palace provides a glimpse of Picasso’s evolution of style, attracting 600,000 visitors yearly.

According to reports, the 200 artworks displayed in the museum were donated by Christine Ruiz-Picasso, wife of Paul, Pablo Picasso’s eldest son. The two-level museum holds the earliest artworks of the painter, which dates back in 1894.

Activities in Spain: Sky diving in Empuriabrava, Spain
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8. Brave Skydiving at Empuriabrava

Considered the world’s most popular skydiving zone is ‘The Land of the Sky’ or Empuriabrava. This is a popular activity in Costa Brava, attracting adventure-seekers across the globe. Prices for the skydiving package increase during summer, which is the perfect time for jumping from thousands of feet above the ground.

The cheapest months to travel to Costa Brava is early June, when the prices are lower than July. The weather is fantastic, and there are lesser bookings for the skydiving activity.

9. Experience an Arab Bath

Córdoba is known for the longstanding Moorish quarters, temples, fortresses, and the divine Arabic bath. Visitors can indulge in a quiet and intimate bathing experience at the Mosque-Cathedral, at the heart of town. Several private establishments offer authentic Arab bath experience, complete with fragrant oils, and traditional Andalusian music.

After the bath, tourists get to experience a traditional tea tasting. A half-hour Arab bath experience costs around €35 to €50, with access to a hairdryer, moisturizer, and access to steam rooms. This is one of the most underrated activities to do in Spain, but definitely a must-try for the unique experience.

National Dishes in Spain

10. Don’t miss out on the good food!

Spain is famous for many reasons and food is the center of everything in this marvelous country. From Jamon to the famous paella to delectable tapas you can snack on all day, make sure not to miss out on the good food in Spain. You can read our handy guide on what to eat and where to find them! Also, of course, you can check out food tours in cities you’re planning to visit.

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